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Answers: From last week's Exercise
September 27, 2010


As promised, here are the answers from the free sample exercise that I showed you all last week from my new English course.

If you have been busy, go do the free "fill in the blanks" exercise now to see a sample of my new English course.

When you are finished, come back and check your answers here.

Good luck!

Fill in the Blanks Answers:

Look at this. You know what this is? This is a blister from me lifting weights and like getting my hand pinched in between the weight?

I go for a workout three times a week now. Afterwards I have to drive home and there’s a whole bunch of junk food restaurants on the way back.

I ended up going to Hennessey’s a couple of weeks ago. This is the first time I went there since they opened up and they turned into a bar. So I walked in. I was just looking around because they had changed it so much. There was like this big bar in the middle of the room and off to the side was this popcorn machine.

I went over to the popcorn machine automatically and I just started filling up the basket. And and I looked around and the bartender who was a woman, was talking to the manager and she pointed to me. And she goes “Who’s that guy?”

Automatically, I just felt alienated because I thought what bartender would say “Who’s that guy” within earshot of of a paying customer?

The manager came over to me and I started explaining to him: “Well, sir, I haven’t been to this place. I don’t know the conduct and I’m sorry for taking your popcorn.

Its like “OK you can sit down and order if you’d like.” So I sat at the bar and immediately this woman comes over to me, the bartender, and she goes “OK what’ll ya have?”

So I go “I don’t want a drink yet, thank you, I just wanna look at the menu.”

So I’m looking at the menu and there’s probably about five guys sitting at the bar and she’s the only woman in the place. So I finally order the steak sandwich.

Meanwhile a couple other guys come in and they order and they get their orders while I’m waiting for my food. And I’m just waiting I was simmering about it.

Finally, I get my steak sandwich which was probably about half an hour later. I guess on the menu it said it’s supposed to come with mashed potatoes corn bread and a cucumber salad but after half hour of waiting it came with fries.

How did you do?

Did you enjoy this exercise? I hope so!

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