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New Video on Homepage
January 23, 2009

Learn English Newsletter,
Issue #008

Free English Video!!


I know I just sent you a newsletter, a couple of days ago but I had to tell you about the latest addition to "Helping You Learn".

When you visit the homepage you will notice two major differences.

1) I have changed the logo to a more appealing photo. (That is my desk actually!)

2) There is a NEW VIDEO where I introduce myself and show you what is on the website. Go visit the homepage now and see for yourself!!! I put this video on the homepage, so that everyone can see me and know who I am (more than just a picture). It is also a great way to use your listening skills as you learn more about what is on the site.

Be sure to click on the link below the video to visit the transcript of the video, or you can visit it directly by clicking here.

Have a wonderful day and Happy Learning!

Diana Tower

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