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Learn English: I have fixed the broken links in the latest newsletter
November 25, 2008

Learn English Newsletter,
Issue #006

All the links in this version WORK!


This is the same newsletter that I sent out 2 minutes ago EXCEPT that in this newsletter the links for the music pages WORK. In the other newsletter the links were incorrect.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone!

If you don't understand everything in this Newsletter, translate it into your native language, with the "google translator" below.

If you can't see the google translator click here.

The Past Simple

(What I did this month.)

Since the last newsletter I have added several pages to the website. The most interesting in the NEW writing lesson. I have changed the format of the writing course that I was previously doing with Arturo. Now the writing course is open to EVERYONE. If you would like to complete a writing assignment and receive my personal revision, visit the first of many writing lessons.

If you would rather focus on having fun, I have added another grammar focus in the music section, focusing on the second conditional with Beyonce's hit "If I Were a Boy.

I'd like to also remind you about the table of contents to help you find other articles that you might not have read yet.

STUDY TIP: Keep doing what you are doing. If you start a new program, or start to read a book everyday or listen to the radio every afternoon, keep going. Don't stop after a couple weeks. With a long term commitment your English will improve greatly.

Present Continuous

(What's happening right now?)

As most of you know I am currently in Canada, taking care of my parents. My mother just had a her hip replaced and she is recovering nicely. I will be here until January 5th so I do have some free time to work on the website. I am adding pages and resources to the site (music, advice and grammar explanations) in addition to answering your questions.

The Learning Guide, my collaborative project with David Garcia, from the Learn English Online blog, is growing steadily. Also, we will be incorporating a new level system, using the A1-C2 grade systems.

The Future

(What to expect in the months to come)

As always I have many ideas for the future and my biggest goal is AUDIO. Once I have learnt how to upload it to the site I will let you all know about this great feature. :)

Have a wonderful day and Happy Learning!

Diana Tower

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