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Tips to Avoid Technical Issues During an Online Class
February 17, 2013

February 17, 2013


Here is some quick advice to avoid technical issues during tomorrow's class.

If you are not attending tomorrow's class you can ignore this newsletter. ;)

Tips to Avoid Technical Issues

1) Do NOT use a wifi connection. I just tested the meeting with my husband's computer and the audio was horrible! The sound was quite poor and sometimes the audio worked and sometimes it didn't.

My husband's computer has a wireless internet connection (wifi) and in my experience wifi does not work well with online classes. There is just too much information downloading and uploading and it results in poor audio and video quality.

2) Use headphones. You will be able to hear me better and able to tune out (ignore) everything that is happening around you. This will help you concentrate on the class.

3) Close all computer programs/applications other than your internet browser. Having other programs open (word, skype, games etc) make it harder for your computer to handle the class.

4) This may sound obvious but make sure your headphones are plugged in or your speakers are turned up. Sometimes when a student can not hear me it is because they have their volume low or off.

If you do those four things, you will have fewer problems or issues during online classes.

As for tomorrow's class, I hope that everything will work well (Edufire did not work for us, and I am hoping that AnyMeeting will).

Please know that technical problems do happen though, even on really good platforms. It all depends on your internet connection, my internet connection and also the platform (AnyMeeting) itself.

Share your thoughts. This will be the first class I host with AnyMeeting and I would appreciate it if you let me know what you think about the platform in the after class questionnaire.

Your feedback will help me decide if AnyMeeting is good for our classes and if it isn't I will keep looking for a better option.

See you soon,

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