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Have you heard about voxopop?
February 02, 2011


It is February (can you believe it?!) and do you know what I am doing right now?

I am sitting in front of my computer listening to Alex talk about English Grammar and if it is important or not.

Who is Alex? Well...Alex is an English learner - just like you- who introduced me to voxopop.

What is Voxopop?

Well according to Dean Worth (the website creator) Voxopop ..."aim(s) to bring people together in an environment of constructive communication".

In voxopop you can record audio messages to express your ideas or ask questions and then people can record their own messages to respond to you.

Sounds great doesn't it. Well it is!

Voxopop literally gives you a voice in the world of online learning.

Did I mention that this wonderful resource is 100% free as well?

I was so excited that I even created a discussion group for my LEC (Learn English Corner) members...and it is available to you too!

Watch this Video Demo of How Voxopop Works!

Or watch it in YouTube here.

How to start talking!

First you need to visit and create a free account (in the upper right hand corner of the screen).

Then you can visit the LEC discussion group to start speaking English.

I invite you all to go there now and start using your English. This really is going to change the way you learn English.

Rather than passively reading and writing you will start listening and speaking...from the comfort of your own home.

Other Updates

When Will "It's English Time" be Finished?

Many of you are asking about my new English course and unfortunately there have been some delays with the programming of the course.

"It's English Time!" which is based on 20 videos a guy named Jerry, should be available sometime this month though. Thanks for your patience!

Do not worry, you will be the first to know when it is available. I will be sending a special newsletter to announce the release - with a special discount for you as well ;).

All the best,

*Join in the discussion at the "Learn English Corner: LEC" where you can meet other English learners just like you.

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