English Grammar
What Would You Like to Know?

What is it about English Grammar that makes learners go a little...shall we say crazy (insane, batty, mad, loopy, bonkers)?

I say crazy because first, it seems to drive students crazy (with so many exceptions to each rule that it seems ridiculous to have the rule in the first place) and second because students seem to focus on it SO much that they sometimes forget why they are learning English in the first place.

Best Grammar Checker!

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Why are you learning English?

Is it so that you can explain to me what a Phrasal verb does or where the noun is positioned in a conditional clause? I sure hope not.

Your motivation for learning English probably comes from a desire to...USE IT.

To speak, to communicate with English speakers and to be understood as well. Maybe you need to do business in English (learning for your job), maybe your significant other is from a English speaking country (learning for love), or maybe you just decided one day to pick up a new language (learning because you can)?

Would you like an answer without waiting?

You can answer all your grammar questions yourself and in the comfort of your own home?

How? It is simple. Get a copy of Practical English Usage, by Michael Swan.

I can honestly say that this grammar reference guide is the best I have ever used and I use it daily answering all of your grammar questions; including this question.

Why wait for my answer? When the answer is just a page number away?

Get this book now and start solving your grammar questions!

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Grammar can be tricky (difficult), so lets focus on specifics. There are many rules but along with those rules come a vast number of exceptions. Try to embrace them now, because they are a fact of learning English and never going to go away. sorry :(

Here I will strive (work) to answer your specific grammar questions. I'm sure you are dying to ask someone a question about phrasal verbs, different tenses and the difference between make and do, just to name a few. Ask me whatever you need to know.

English Grammar Articles

Elizabeth, over at www.english-grammar-revolution.com has some wonderful articles on English grammar. 

Try to use English to learn new things or to communicate, rather than focusing too much on the theory.

Go check out the English advice articles , where you can both read and listen to the articles about learning and other interesting subjects.

If you are feeling down, click into the Motivation pages where you will find support, advise and personal experiences to help take away the frustration that Learning English sometimes creates.

Most importantly, use English, and learn it. Simple.

Happy learning!

Diana :)

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