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Thanks Diana! 
You always are sending such useful and interesting materials, which I successfully use to teach in my classes. They are a great help to me. 
- Svetlana

What is in each Newsletter?

Each newsletter contains interesting and real information regarding using English in common situations. We focus on how to apply grammar in the real world situations. Everything from visiting the doctor to ordering a bowl of soup at a restaurant.  

I also include audio and video resources that are exclusive to my newsletter subscribers.

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Currently it is a monthly subscription (one newsletter a month) with occasional update letters.  I hope to increase the frequency to twice a month in the future!

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Amazingly, this newsletter is FREE. Each newsletter is like a virtual English lesson delivered directly to your inbox.

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The Learn English Newsletter is so great, so useful! 
Dear, Diana! I am really happy and thankful to you for your great job. Every month I get the learning english newsletter and it helps me improve my English. …

Speaking about your Dialogues 
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Thank you Diana 
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Your newsletters are a reminder for me... 
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I hope you never stop your website and newsletters. 
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English was just Grammar books and TOEFL articles 6 months ago 
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So let's review!

#1:  Each issue is dedicated to a certain topic (like speaking with a doctor).

I look at common questions, vocabulary, phrasal verbs and expressions related to that topic or situation.

#2: It will keep you up-to-date (informed) about all the new materials, exercises and content that I add to the website.

#3:  It is a free reminder to keep you studying and practicing your English.

You will also receive free materials and learning tips that only my newsletter subscribers will have access to.

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Every month I get the learning English newsletter and it helps me improve my English.  it is very cool! - Inara