Most "correct" title for an essay

by Colin

What difference is there between "Me and my computer" and "My computer and I" as a title for an essay.

The first is incorrect and the second is grammatically correct.

The trick is to simplify the sentence (or in this case add to the sentence) and then remove the computer and try to say the same thing.

For example if you say,

Me and my computer are very hard working

If you remove computer from the sentence how would you write it?

I am very hard working. You wouldn't write "me am very hard working". So in this case the correct title would be, My computer and I.

This can be confusing at times, because many people will use the incorrect version in common or daily speech, but it isn't correct.

I hope that helps Colin.

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Jun 24, 2009
Title for an Essay
by: Pam

Hi Diana,
What about "My Computer and me"...?
As far as I know it would be incorrect and you would need to say "My Computer and I".

Now that I have started looking at this I have realized that you really do need some sort of context to confirm if it is correct or not.

I like the rule (trick) of removing the other person to find out how you would say the sentence just with you involved.

It is discussed at the English forums very clearly.

Using English Forum: I versus Me

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