My First English Letter

by Daniel
(france: near the Spanish border)

I adore rock climbing!!

I adore rock climbing!!

How to give someone a ring (/to make a call) in France, since from a box payphone!

First you have to buy a phone card (there aren't any public phones with coins, because of robbers)

After finding a phone-box payphone, put the card at is place in the card slot for few time seconds until you hear the dial tone. to wait tonality one.

Dialing the number of the person you wish to call. your corresponding (If necessary look it up in a phone directory. to find a subscriber. Hopefully the line isn't engaged (busy) , otherwise begin you will need to start again !!!!

Now you can speak about whatever you want or need to!
Don't forget your card before get out you leave.

Thanks a lot for your wonderful website Diana!
Hi Daniel,
Great work! Now I know how to use a payphone in France. If I hadn't read your assignment I would have gone to Paris with a bag full of coins to make my phone calls. Thank you very much.

I made some changes for vocabulary and a little bit of grammar but generally speaking, you communicate your ideas well. I would love to see you explain how to use something else. Maybe something that is special in France? I look forward to your next assignment Daniel!

PS: I love your picture!! I have never been rock climbing before. It looks a little scary!

Have a fantastic day!

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Comments for My First English Letter

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Mar 04, 2009
Hi Daniel...
by: Diana Tower

I see that you created a whole new page your second story, which I think is a better idea than just adding new stories by commenting. This way you can add new pictures as well. (Not to mention it is easier for me to edit them when they are separated. :)

I have a question for you...for everyone.

***Would you like me to create another submission area just for stories? That might be fun for everyone.

A place where you can post stories, and that I can edit for you???***

What do you think?


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