Our Space Adventure

Today, I woke up very scared. My friends, Mikey, Bradley, and I were in an alien space station. We all stared at the room around us. There were chrome floors and walls, and metal and steel ceilings with windows as clear as diamonds. It was as cold as the Arctic.

We looked around some more and there were shelves filled with potions and test tubes. There was also an automatic door made of chrome, but what we saw could see out the window was the scariest sight of all. There were aliens flying UFO’s all around.

Finally I said, “Is it just me or are we on Mars?" "

"Just take a look out the window,” said Bradley.

Bradley walked over to the potions.

“Wow, these are really weird,” he said.

“What?” I replied.

“These potions, they are really weird.” Bradley repeated.

We all walked over and saw potions of all different colors. There were colors of green ones, yellow ones, blue ones, and other colors we didn’t even know had never seen before.

“Let’s go before some aliens show up.” I said.

We walked to another automatic chrome door and it slid open. Mikey quickly pulled Bradley and I back into the room we were in before.

“Did you see that?” stated Mikey.

“No,” answered Bradley, being kind of a smart alick, “you jerked me back so fast I didn’t get to.”

“Aliens! There are aliens as green as frogs and they’re talking in some other language!” exclaimed Mikey.

“Cool! Let’s go see them,” Bradley said as he and Mikey went running to the door. Mikey stepped on Bradley’s shoelace right before Bradley got to the door.

“We can’t go in there,” Mikey explained to Bradley, “What if they aren’t friendly?”

While Mikey and Bradley were arguing, I found a map to the launch station where the UFO’s were parked. I was thinking that if we could get there we could steal a ship and fly it home. But we decided to find another route because I overheard Mikey and Bradley discussing that there were aliens in the room next door.

I found a rope and thought of a plan. We could cut out the diamond glass window.

“Hey, guys, we could rappel out that diamond glass window and get to the ground,” I exclaimed.

“But what if there are aliens down there too?” Mikey thought. “Then we’ll have to find a different route,” I explained to them, “now let’s get out of here before more aliens show up.”

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