Past Continuous: A Week in Paradise - Goa

by Anna
(Scotland (Originaly Poland))

"The beach in Goa"

On In January me and my boyfriend, R and I went to Goa, in India. The flight from the UK took was 10 hours and I was really happy when we eventually landed.

The weather was perfect.

I haven't seen couldn't see a single cloud in the sky.
We were travelled a lot around Goa. You can hire a motorbike at every street corner, so we did that and were driving every day wherever we wanted we drove everywhere we wanted to go on the island. R. was trying to teach me how to drive the entire trip but I found it rather difficult.

The food was delicious, spicy and fool full of vegetables. We were drinking also drank a lot of fresh pineapple juice, which was gorgeous delicious.

On the last morning, we were sitting in the bar on the beach and ate eating an Indian breakfast when I realized how much I was going to miss Goa. We ate breakfast in Goa for the last time, while looking at the ocean.

I didn't want to say "goodbye" to everyone so I said "see you next time" :)

Hi Anna,

Great story! It sounds like you had a great time in Goa. Your picture is beautiful! I love it when everyone ads pictures to their stories. It makes them so visual and inviting. I love going to the beach.

Looking at your use of the past continuous though, we need to review how you should use it. Ok :)

We were travelling a lot around Goa (interrupt the action or mention something that you did at the same time)while looking for the best beach to visit.

We were drinking lots of fresh pineapple juice when we both realized that the vacation was almost over

When you tell a story about something that happened in the past, most of your sentences will be constructed in the simple past. Start with the simple past and then try to add the past continuous to it. That is a great exercise.

I'd like you to write another story...write it in the simple past. When you are finished review it again and try to find situations that you could interrupt with new information (using the past continuous).

Then look again and try to find information that you could add that happened at the same time as something else (add the past continuous).

I hope that helps Anna. I can't wait to read your next story. Maybe you could write another one about Goa? Do you have more pictures? I'd love to see them.

Have a great day!

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Comments for Past Continuous: A Week in Paradise - Goa

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Mar 17, 2009
Thank you
by: Anna

Dear Diana

Thank you for reading and correcting my story. I'll try to write another one and I hope it will be much better. Thanks for all those tips.
You are more than welcome Anna! I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories!! Cheers- Diana :)

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