Past Continuous: Around Romania

by Andrejs

"Canadian Mountains"

For my last vacation, we went to Romania. It is a really nice place for with big mountains and natural landscapes.

We were in Romania for eleven fantastic days. I liked went on exploring and hiking in the mountains, saw seeing many beautiful places and ate eating typical national meals and food!

We were going went to Romania by bus, which we organized through a tourist travel agency. It was an interesting journey and we were very happy after this that vacation.

The weather changed every day. One day it was sunshine sunny and the next day it was rainy; but it wasn't important because we were enjoyed every moment in this of that journey.
Hi Andrejs.

Thank you for sharing your story. I haven't been to Romania before, but it sounds nice. You didn't add a picture, so I added one of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Do they look similar to the mountains in Romania?

I think we need to review how you use the past continuous because unfortunately you were not using it correctly.

Imagine that you write:

I went to Romania last summer and had a wonderful time with my family.

I haven't used the past continuous yet.
How can I include it?

Think about situations where you can talk about something while you are doing something else.

While we were riding the bus to Romania...what did you do?
...we watched a movie.
...I read a great book.
...I spoke to a friendly man on the bus.

Now imagine that you tell me;

The weather changed everyday.
How can you add the past continuous to this statement or information?

-On the first day we were relaxing at the beach when it started to rain.
-On the second day we were exploring the city when my mother called me on my cell phone.

Does that make more sense? I'd like you to write another story to practice. Try to write it in the simple past first and then add interruptions and activities that you were doing while doing something else (the past continuous).

I look forward to reading your next story.
Don't forget to add a photo as well. :)

Have a great day.

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