Past Continuous: California trip

by Ana
(Orlando, Florida)

A relaxing glass of wine

A relaxing glass of wine

Last April, me and my friend and I went to California. Me and My daughter and I flew in on a different airplane than my husband and my son but we arrived in Los Angeles at the same time. My husband was driving while me and the kids were looking and I looked for same a place to eat.

After lunch we decide to go straight to a the hotel. My kids loves hot tubs and this hotel had a very nice one. The weather was cold but while they were playing in the tub I read but a book and had a nice glass of wine. Our trip to California's trip was very relaxing. On our way back, my daughter was watching cartoons while and I finished riding reading my book.

Hi Ana!! Great work. Your trip to California sounded like a lot of fun. One thing to remember is when you are talking about yourself and others.

My children and I....My husband and I...My mother and I and my friend is not grammatically correct. People will understand you but it sounds better this way.

Good use of the past continuous as well!! I look forward to seeing what you write for the other writing assignments Ana!

Cheers, Diana

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