Past Continuous: My Summer Vacation

by Rosmery
(Republica Dominicana)

Well, last summer I went to Santo Domingo. we got there by plane. We took a plane there. As soon as we got to santo domingo there, I decided to go to the beach. While I was swimming, a saw a big wave that was coming right to me, so I ran quickly back to the hotel quickly. The next day, I could not go to swim swimming. We went to a beautiful restaurant and while We were eating pizza and hot dogs, my Mom was fighting with my dad. Those vacations were amazing! It was very funny and wonderful being in Santo Domingo.

Hi Rosmery!!

Great work! I have never been to Santo Domingo. Would you recommend going on vacation there? As for your assignment, you use the past continuous very well. I'm sorry that your parents were fighting while you were at the restaurant. Isn't it funny what we remember about trips?

I look forward to reading your next assignment!

Lesson 2: Give me some instructions on how to do something.

Keep writing everyone!


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