Past Continuous: The Irish Trip

by André
(São Paulo, Brazil)

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

In During my last vacation I did had the most amazing trip of my life: I went to Dublin, Ireland.

It was amazing, since because I'm Brazilian and had have never traveled abroad before. Everything there is was totally different than what I'm used to.

It was my first time to travelling by airplane; I wasn't afraid, and thank God it was everything went very good ok!
In the Airplane, I met one guy that was going to the same place as me, and we started our friendship there we became friends.

When I arrived, there I was really impressive overwhelmed and totally lost; no one talked spoke my language, and I needed going to go to the house where I was going to spending stay for the month.
In the house,

I had a really good reception feeling about the house, when I arrived, and in everywhere everyone was really polite and gentle in the country.

In At the school, I met people from all around the world; German, France, Spain, Korea, etc...

The weather is totally crazy in Ireland. They call it an Oceanic Climate which changes all the time, 15 in in 15 minutes it will change from being rainy to sunny . The inhabitants are so used to it raining that they don't care whit about the water and don't even use an umbrella.

The Food in Ireland is very special; a lot of fatty things which are very different from what I'm used to eating.

That was my unbelievable trip. I not only improved my English, but also made amazing friends from all around the world that I intend to keep in contact to with for the rest of my life. What special friends I have!!
Hi André,

What a great story! I wish I could have done the same when I was younger. It would have been amazing to have come to Spain, for example, to live for a month and study Spanish. It is ok though, because now I live here permanently and I am learning Spanish every day!

As for your writing, just remember to use "the" with world and also to use "a" and "an" when necessary.

Have a great day André. If you ever want to write a story about Brazil, I'd love to learn more about it. If you have pictures add one as well. I love seeing all these pictures!


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Comments for Past Continuous: The Irish Trip

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Mar 17, 2009
Thank you!
by: André

Thank you very much Diana!
You are incredible!! The history story is much better now!
I will do more!

God bless you!

By the way, I don't think that I'm younger than you...I'm 23... :)
You are welcome André, but I was right. I am older than you. hee hee. I'm 26, but thanks for thinking I was younger! That is going to come in handy when I am 80 and people think I'm only 72. :) I'm waiting and looking forward to your next story André! -Diana

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