Past Continuous: Two weeks in Spain

by Raluca Daniela
(Romania, Bucharest)



Last year I spent my vacation in Spain, with my friends. I got there by plane flew there, even though I'm quite afraid of flying. But it wasworth it, because I saw three impressive cities: Madrid, Barcelona and Toledo.

I started my vacation in Madrid. I accomodated stayed in a decent hostel, next to the Puerta del Sol. There I was walking in the streets most of the time, to get in contact connect with thelocals and see how in order to understand how they live, how they act and think. I remember one time when I was passing through a green area in the middle of the town, when I saw a interesting building. I got closer and I discovered that it was the Train Station. While I was visiting inside, I was amazed to see a big, beautiful, green zone in the middle of the building: the Botanical Garden.

The next stop was Barcelona. I really liked it because it has so many new buildings with great modern architecture. I was waking on the Diagonal (if I remember correctly) when I saw a big crowd of people heading to a specific place: to the Olympic Stadium, where there was playing a football match right at that moment.

From this vacation, I enjoyed Toledo the most. I knew nothing about it when I arrived there. Then I discovered that it's an old but still impressive town, born in the ancient time of theRomans. There I was wandering the streets when I noticed the I found such a nice atmosphere. I was enchanted by it's old buildings and it's aged architecture. I will always recommend this city to everyone.

During my entire vacation the weather was great. It was not too hot, nor too cold. The sun was in the sky all day long. Maybe it was a little bit windy in the mornings, but the rest of the day was lovely.

GREAT JOB RALUCA!!! First I must congratulate you on your English. You write VERY well and you are very descriptive. I could see everything you were talking about in my mind. (Also, I have been to all three of those cities so I know exactly what you are talking about). Great use of the past continuous. I love Atocha station as well, in Madrid. The Botanical garden is wonderful! I added a photo from Barcelona, from my last vacation. I love the gecko fountain!

I look forward to seeing your responses for the other writing lessons!

All the best

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Oct 21, 2010
Past Continuous Tense
by: Anonymous

Hi all, I want to ask a question. Is the word "while" a key word for using the past continuous after it?

Thank you.

Feb 02, 2009
by: Raluca Daniela

Thank you Diana, You are so kind! I was excited to see your answer! It motivates me to keep going with my lessons!!
One sugestion: When you correct a word, phrase or expression I kindly ask not to erase it and then replace it with the correct version. Just cut it and next to it put the right solution (I saw you made that in some specific situations)==> because I want to see the mistakes, in order to avoid them in the future. :)
No problem Raluca. I will do that in the future. It makes sense. :) See your mistakes to improve from them. I suggest that you try Third Writing Lesson. I think it will be a challange and one else has tried it. I think you could start a trend :)
Have a great day Raluca! -Diana

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