PIF: God's Power in our Weakness

by Precious

I'm weak but strong with God's power.

I'm weak but strong with God's power.

"My power shows up best in weak pepole". That is God speeking. God loves to work with weak people.

Everyone has weakness; it could be physical, emotional, sprirtual or intellectual. Also, there are uncontrollable circumstances that weaken us, such as financial or reletional limitations.

The most important thing is what we do with all these; do we deny our weaknesses, defend them, excuse them, hide them, or even resent them. This'll prevent God from using them the way he desires. Remenber God says that "His thoughts're not our thoughts, neither His ways ours" showing that God acts in ways that are the exact opposite of what we think/expect.

Don't think that God uses only our strength, but he uses our weaknesses also. If he uses only strong and perfect people, nothing will ever get done because no one is flawless. One thing is sure, and that is God is never limited with our limitations. Our weakness shows how we need each other while strengh breeds an independent spirit in us.

Also, our weaknesses increase our capacity for sympathy, we're far more likely to be compassionate and considerate of the weakness of others.The number one attidue God blesses is "poor in sprirt". A weakness is not a sin, vice or character defect that we can can change, it's something that needs God's intervension to correct/perfect.

So our conclusion should not be that God cannot use us because of our limitatons. Our weaknesses are not accident, God deliberately allowed them in our lives for the purpose of demostrating his power in us and to keep our "ego in check".

Our greatest life message and our greatest achievement will come out of our deepest hurts. The things we're most embarrassed about, most ashamed of and most reluctant to share, are the very tools God can use most powerfully to help us and the people around us.

Remenber that all God's gaints were weak people; Moses weakness was hot tempared, but God transformed him into the most humble man on earth, Abraham, despite his fear, God transformed him into the father of those who has faith, David the adulterer was called the man after God's heart, Solomon became the wisest man on earth after his numerous sins.

What do we need to believe that God can also transform our own weaknesses into something wonderful.

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Oct 13, 2009
Power of God
by: I Don't Know

The power of GOD is every where, you see them, you feel them only IF you want to see and feel them.

Jun 24, 2009
by: Anushka

I think writing is ok, but I believe in myself rather than the "power of God".
Thank you for sharing your opinion Anushka. Some people believe in God while others do not.

Here we are focusing on writing skills and helping others improve them, so do you have any suggestions for Precious regarding her writing? -Diana

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