PIF: Helpful Friend

by Jessica Rosas

Have you ever had one of those days where you knew you should have just stayed in bed? I vividly recall such a day. I managed to step in poop, and sit on gum; however, I also made a friend. Although my day began with poop and gum, I managed to meet Mesha Larsen who helped me and became my friend.

I was zooming past the houses as if a rocket was on my back. I was probably about a block and a half away from the school when I stopped. I had stepped in something so retched that it had brought tears to my eyes; it was poop, which just would not come off.

By the time I reached school, class had already started, so I went into the girl’s bathroom and washed my shoe in the sink. Afterwards, I very quietly snuck into the class and sat in a random chair hoping she would not notice me.

After class, I noticed something sticky on my pants. I ran to the girls’ bathroom to see what it was and when I looked in the mirror I had a wad of gum stuck to my pants. That was when I started crying.

A girl walked out from one of the stalls and asked me why I had been crying. I told her how my day had started from stepping in poop to sitting in gum. She told me her name was Mesha Larsen, and that she might be able to help me. Mesha grabbed me and pushed me into the stall telling me to give her my pants.

Once Mesha had my pants, she placed them under the hand dryer and waited for the gum to get hard. Mesha then began to peel the gum off as if it was nothing. Mesha then went on to tell me that the next time my day should start out that way to just stay home. I had never laughed as hard as I did that day.

From then on, Mesha and I became the best of friends. Going from freshmen to seniors, we became inseparable. When graduation came and our names called, all I could think about was the day that I met Mesha, how she helped me through that horrible day.

She taught me that it is ok to laugh at myself and not care what others think about me as long as I felt good about myself. She gave me her friendship, and promised to pick me up whenever I was down. True to her word, Mesha never let me have another bad day.

Knowing that day was going to be a terrible day, I am glad I got out of bed and went to school. Because even though I had stepped in poop and went through the humiliation of gum stuck to my butt.

I had met a girl who would later become my best friend, or partner in crime as some would say. She not only gave me the emotions that I was lacking for that day, but she also gave me what I would need to survive high school as well as life; Which was the ability to accept
Moreover, conquer whatever thrown my way.

She completely changed my persona on life, and for that, I am forever thankful that I met Mesha Larsen.

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