PIF: Now Writers Can Make Money Online In India

by Owais Siddiqui

The internet when conceived was a source of information. The world turned to it in search of valid information and news. Today this aspect is just a grain of sand in the desert. People have found so many different uses for the internet that it would be difficult to just list all that is being done here.

The major portion of all online activity is now money generation. The fact that the internet is the biggest market anywhere with over a billion prospected clients online makes it worthwhile for everyone to try his or her luck. But the probability of selling online is actually very slim. The reason is that probably another million affiliates would also be selling the same product and another million selling yet another top brand.

So where should a guy living in India go to make money without getting scammed, ripped or just get underpaid for a hard day's labor online? There are several options available where one can make money but there are no real sureties that at the end of the day there will be something in store.

The best way to make money on line for Indians living in India is to write and get it published on ekikrat.in/. This word may or may not make sense to the world but the fact that they pay Indians for sharing their views should make a lot of sense to the Indian freelance writers.

The idea is simple, just post an article and collect your cash. This may sound too good to be true but the reality is that they are operating from India and for India. With the number of Indian freelance writers that I see, probably this site will end up something like Indian Wikipedia very soon.

The truth that I have learnt from the web is to have someone pay for your hard work upfront instead of waiting for a suitable buyer. This is what makes money online.

Hi Owais, I'm glad you posted your aricle! I will let other look at it and then I will review it afterwards. :) Very intersting! -Diana

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Nov 11, 2009
enjoying this
by: Anonymous

I read this and enjoy it very much

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