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by Glen du Plessis
(Cape Town)

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I searched the internet for renewable energy, and in particular wind generators. My search always ended up with me (the average idiot) not being able to understand.

I thought that I am doomed to continue paying for grid electricity, or admit defeat and pay the pro's. Ha, they not pro's they are asking way to much. If I think they ask way to much for their service and or product I can safely assume that I am not alone. I don't care how revolutionary their technology is, just that I must be able to pay for it.

Now don't get me wrong people must be rewarded for their efforts. When the environment is concerned, how dare they charge that much for something that important. So only the rich is entitled to benefit from state of the art technology. All the while the poor continue to spew tons of carbon into the atmosphere.

So hey we all want to make a difference in the right direction. If we cant afford the high cost of fully installed renewable energy systems. Even buying a kit that you assemble and install yourself will set you back to the stone ages. Then on top of it you have no understanding of just how it works.

And the solutions to our problems is a lot simpler and a heck of lot cheaper then you can imagine. In reality if you have time you can source everything you need for free. I can thus highly recommend that you acquire "wind-plans", a set of in-depth instructions that will liberate you from the heavy power bills that torment us month in and month out.

The manuals cover everything from building a wind generator to solar panel and even comes detailed instructions to manufacture your own diesel at home.

I personally enjoyed learning all about electricity and then implementing the knowledge I gained to build my own wind generator. My next project will be to build my own solar panels.

Eventually I intend to sell off my extra electricity to the power companies. So all in all I win all the way to the bank.

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