Reporting a robbery

by Pam

Hi Official, this afternoon I was walking around La Colmena Street, after long time I was there,

observing how much changed this street since I was studing 10 years ago.

When my mind was remembering old times two young men was around me, one of them took my purse and throw it to the other young man, at this time I remembered that in my purse was the money for the expenses of the month and in my desesperation I run behind one of them, I catch him, but the other man is who had my bag.

Please help me, this is the man that I could capture.

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May 20, 2009
by: Pam

Thanks Majid, your observations were very helpful
Best Regards

May 19, 2009
Reporting a robbery
by: Majid

Today's This afternoon when I was walking around the La Colmena Street, which I was there after on for a long time, I found out that realized how much the street had changed, since I was studying there 10 years ago.

When While I was thinking about the memories of old times from the past, I found two young men around myself in front of me .

At that moment, one of them suddenly took my purse and threw it to the other young man.

At that time I remembered that there was some money in my purse for the expenses of the month to pay my monthly bills or expenses.

Desperately, I ran after one of them and catching caught him.
(OR I ran after one of them and caught him. Good!)The other man, however, who had taken my purse, escaped.

Please help me, this is the man that must be captured.

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