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Jul 15, 2010
Dynamic Life
by: Elizabeth

In my statement about " Routine is a monster" I mean that life for me is enjoyable doing what I need to do, but at the same time breaking up routine does not take away my goals, it only requires a little be more effort to accomplish responsibilities. It really feels good working up hard with an smile face of satisfaction for what I have done.

Jul 15, 2010
the routine
by: Fatima

in my point of view ,the routine is very hard if you are motionless waiting for sth will happen e.g job.
but if you are doing some studies or some work experience to improve your skills ,i think the routine is nothing to worry about because it is a temporary and you will go on your goals.

May 26, 2010
The Sleeping Monster
by: Anonymous

Routine is a sleeping monster. It is normal in nature, when something goes on whithout problems, nature is conservative. It would like to continue on in the same way.

Everyone remembers all is done well and this is vital for the stupid conservations.

Every experience that improves the prior condition, in term of positive effects, makes changes. No matter why or how that is possible.

The nature obeys the first law: save yourself!

When then experiece fails the monster goes away and we are more stupid and motionless.

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