Something about life...

by Cesar
(bogota, colombia)

Many people in this world wonder about life, for some it is difficult for others it looks very easy. What does life make be a life? I don't have the answer. I think it is a personal experience like the idea of god. Many people have its own picture or belief what could god be and that is a fact that deserve the respect of everyone of us.

It is well known that the most people have problems with family, friends, neighbors, people in the work, but no everybody can solve it because of some blocks in their minds. Many of them will be prevented to give the first step, maybe they are not right and the other side are right or viceversa, but in some way the problem have to be solve, and to do so they have to open their minds and be willing to make the peace.....

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Jun 21, 2012
by: unknown

life is our mission in which one side is full of happiness and the other full of difficulties and its found in everyone's life so it depends on us what to choose if we choose first then we may will face struggles and if second then may be it looking easier so.........all the best

Jun 10, 2010
something about life
by: Anonymous

yaa I can also say that all have different perceptions for GOd.... but I myself believe that God is a super natural power which gives humans the power to face difficulties of life in a better way.

God is in no way responsible for our miseries and also people should not keep begging for material things from God, when the time comes every person gets what is written in her or his respective destiny...

So keep living life with a smile on your face...

God Bless

May 19, 2009
Something about life
by: Anonymous

Hi Cesar,
I think so. Life is as easy as we want it to be. I know that many times there are situations that look difficult, but God gives us the power to change those situations if we want to. I think so that power is called "Emotional Intelligence" and everyone must work to develope it.

May 12, 2009
About life
by: nadia

As we say in french " il faut de tout pour faire un monde " it means we're in need of all people to make a world, we cannot live alone;
On the other hand, God created us differently. A wise person is the one who respects others and trys to make a good impact through his life, even in this short life.

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