by Tanja

Canada Olymic Park

Canada Olymic Park

A story about sports, specifically in Serbia: Tanja tells us all about the most popular or favorite players in football and tennis. Do you have a passion about sports? Tell us a story about how sports have impacted your life.

Hi Diana, it's very nice of you to read and correct our stories!

It is very helpful :)
Looking forward to your message! -Tanja

I like sports very much, especially football and tennis. They are also very popular in my country, Serbia.

Our football representation is not very good, but now we are playing to in qualify ications for the World Cup, and we are pretty much good, so I hope we will qualify.

My favorite club is Manchester United, as well as Red Star from Belgrade. My favorite player is Nemanja Vidić #263. He is from Serbia, and he now plays in for MU. He is very good defender, and lot of people like s him. Many think that, in this period, he is the best in on the team, this season. He is in has been playing for MU since 2006. Before that he played in for Russia, and before that he played in for Red Star. He has a wife Ana and a son Luka. I heard that his wife is pregnant, so they will get their other have another child.

I also said that I like tennis. If you watch tennis, you probably know that there are some very good players from Serbia now. Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Jankovic, Novak Djokovic, Nenad Zimonjic to name a few.

When our players play, and especialy if it is grand slam, lots of people in Serbia watch those matches. They are usually the most watched programs in that period during the season.

Most of the players They are young, so they will play for many more years. Ana and Jelena had have already been first on in the world...but I'm sure they will be do it again! :)

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