"Super Land" English Textbooks for Children

by Samah

Dear Ola,

How are you doing? It's been a long time since I've asked a question. Schools are back and there will be many questions from now on.

It's isn't directly a grammar question but I thought I would try asking you. This year the English book is SUPER LAND, last year it was MACMILLAN, and it just seems that Macmillan is better, please tell me is my opinion right or is Super land is also a good book.

Thanks in advance!

Diana here. I was curious to learn more about SUPER LAND so I tried to Google it and I could not find any reviews or and samples of it. The only information I could find was at Express Publishing ELT (which is the publisher) and they only showed the covers of the books and provided brief information about them.

"Superland is a six-level course designed for primary students. It offers an exceptionally strong skills development programme and combines best practice methodology with innovative features for the modern classroom. Superland is the best choice for today’s teachers and students."

Have you heard of these books Ola? I'm not sure if you teach children English so this might not be something that you know about but if you do I'd love to hear what you think. -Diana

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Feb 19, 2014
Mr. Salem
by: Anonymous

This website is excellent work. I wish you more achievements in your life.

Oct 26, 2013
super land
by: mohamed

It is good book but there are no exercises on Grammar and Vocabulary.

Apr 30, 2013
Family and Friends: Oxford
by: Anonymous

Is "Family and Friends" by Oxford a good course and which one is the best?

Jan 31, 2013
Excellent infrastructure
by: Anonymous

In my opinion these books are very useful for the early stages of learning English they can help the students to form a correct English sentence they teach them the basics of English

Jan 09, 2013
super land
by: tawfeik wageeh

Dear all,
In my opinion these books are great but they need additional dialogues to train pupils for better levels in conversation.
Thanks everybody!

Aug 22, 2012
Excellent Course
by: mr ameer

In my opinion it is an excellent course. It is new and it deals with modern matters and issues. The problem is that there is nothing for the teacher to depend on. I advise you to buy the text books.

Jun 06, 2012
Weak Book
by: Ahmed Hamza

Dear all,
I am an English teacher. This year our school wanted to change Macmillan and turn to another book. We had so many offers. We had "Family and Friends" , "Wonderful World" , "Super Land" and "English World". We looked through all these books. We found that "Super Land" is too much easier than Macmillan. It focuses on the listening skill more than the other skills. Its reading comprehension is also far from the grammar rule to be taught within the unit. It also focuses on teaching pupils many things about U.S.A and U.K. and that kills their patriotism and country love.
In my opinion, "English World" is the best one as it is published by Macmillan but it is much more updated. It's not too long also and that gives the chance for more practice.

Dec 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

in egypt the The Distributor for "Express Publishing" is :
Utopia Egypt Publishing & Distribution.
and they offer a presentation for superland book...this a great offer ...call them for any help..


Nov 13, 2011
Super Land
by: Anonymous

Hi every one, same thing happened with my kids, the school switched from MM to SL.

I believe it's better as I thought MM was a weak curriculum. The problem is i cannot find any extra work for superland and the school is very strict about sending extra sheets stating that the school will do everything needed.

Anyway if any one gets there hands on something extra plz inform us, it will be highly appreciated

Oct 12, 2011
Super land
by: hhh

My kid's school turned to super land instead of Macmillan and I believe it is a better one but I think it is very heavy course.

Oct 11, 2011
Is superland siutable for Egyptian studens
by: Anonymous

I think that Superland is not suitable for teaching English for junior students as it's grammar comes in a too forward way without enough examples.

Also the written passages are far beyond the interest of junior students. Comparing it to Macmillan, it's not as good as Macmillan. Also it doesn't help build up writing or reading skills

Sep 28, 2011
A Good Course
by: Nasser

My kid's school turned to super land instead of Macmillan and I believe it is a better one.

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