Teaching English to Children

Are you dedicated to teaching English to children?  

I am sure you are.  

Giving children the gift of the English language is something very important.  So many people are learning English and many people want to help their children as early on as possible.

Did you know that;

...it is estimated that over 1 billion people are currently learning English world wide.  According to the British council, as of the year 2,000 there were 750 million English as a Foreign language speakers.  In addition, there were 375 million English as a Second Language speakers.  

- Kenneth Beare (about.com)

As a new mother I am already thinking about how I can teach my baby English.  Maybe you are too.

Ask Naomi Simmons!

The world’s best-selling author of courses to teach English as a foreign language to young children.

  • What activities can I do when he is less than a year old?
  • What materials are worth buying?
  • What mistakes to parents or teachers frequently make?
  • How can I get children to love learning English?


Would you like to ask an expert a question or two about how to do it, what mistakes to avoid and what resources they recommend?

You probably do.  I know I do!

Having access to the advice of a successful professional can really make a difference when you teach children English.

That is why I teamed up with Naomi Simmons to bring you this section of the Q&A area.

Naomi is currently the world's best selling author of books to teach English as a foreign language to young children.

She is also the lead author of www.teachkidsenglish.com.

Having written over 120 books for children learning English she knows a great deal about how they learn and the best ways to teach them English.

Do you have a question about teaching English to children?

If you are a parent or a teacher, you know that teaching English to children can be a challenge.

That is why I have teamed up with the world’s best-selling author of courses to teach English as a foreign language to young children; Naomi Simmons.

Naomi is here to help answer your most frustrating or troublesome issues with teaching kids English.

Just submit your question below and once I post your question on the website, Naomi will leave her suggestions and feedback as a comment below.

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