What are "Infolinks"?

by Diana Tower

Example of what Infolinks look like

Example of what Infolinks look like

You may have noticed a new feature on the site called "Infolinks".

What are they?

Infolinks are in-text advertising. Text link advertisements are added within the content of my website (double-underlined green links).

If you move your mouse over the link, a small window opens and displays a resource that might interest you.

Like in the photo above.

If it does not interest you, simply move the mouse away and the window closes.

Why did I choose Infolinks?

I chose it because it is a less intrusive form of advertising, that won’t distract you as much as some traditional banner ads.

As www.helping-you-learn-english.com grows, I am realizing that the maintenance and growth of the site is slowing down and becoming more expensive to maintain.

To resolve this, I am incorporating Infolinks on several pages to help fund website expenses.

What about donations?

I did make it possible for people to make donations several months ago and I would like to thank both Daniel Marrou and Joseph Poulshock for their extremely generous donations.

But let’s be honest; not many people will donate money if they can get something for free. There are much bigger English learning websites on the internet right now, that provide their services for free.

UsingEnglish.com and Wordreference.com are perfect examples. They provide quality information for free.


By using advertising

It's that Simple.

So in order to keep www.helping-you-learn-english.com free for you (my visitors) I am exploring different ways of generating income.

Please know that I am and will always do my best to incorporate advertisements in a tasteful way. My main focus of the site is and always will be to provide the best resources and experience for you my visitor.

I am adding Infolinks today (April 17) and I will be testing and reviewing them, in collaboration with the Infolinks support team, over the next few months.

If you notice a problem or would like to give your opinion, please leave a comment below.

Working to make this the best site it can be!

Diana Tower :)

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Jun 02, 2010
Removed Infolinks
by: Diana Tower

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I removed infolinks a long time ago. They were annoying and did not provide quality information for you.

It was a good thing to try though.

Happy learning!

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