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I've always been fascinated by YouTube videos and how easy it is to record and upload them for the entire world to see. These days you can find videos on almost any topic you want including how to learn English.

Paco spends a large part of his "online" time exploring YouTube and watching videos about past American presidents, music videos and of course funny videos.

He really likes to watch English videos because he says that it helps hislistening comprehension...and I believe him.

This got me thinking about how YouTube can help you learn English. I mean, it is a very large and free service that allows you to create and access thousands of English videos on hundreds of topics.

20 minutes ago, I found a video recorded by a Spanish guy named Albert. I found his first YouTube video in English about the ups and downs of fluency and really enjoyed it.

Watch it now below (he has great English doesn't he!)...

Here is his latest video after a trip to New York! He is exhausted...but his English is fantastic!

Now I don't know Albert personally but he has inspired me to create a challenge for you.

I challenge you...

yes you

to record a video talking about...anything. Your English, your job, your country, your joys, your fears your childhood...anything...but in English.

Then when you are finished recording, upload your videos to YouTube and then share them with us here by embedding (posting) them in the submission form below.


Don't know how to upload a video to YouTube? Well there just happens to be lots of videos showing you how.

Here is a good example for you:

So, now you have recorded your video and have it uploaded in YouTube...

now what?

Now it is time to share it here!

I can't wait to see your videos everyone. I think it will be fun to finally see some of you and hear what you have to say!

See you soon!


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