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Learn English Newsletter, Issue #002 -- Can proverbs help you learn English?
September 17, 2008

Learn English Newsletter,
Issue #002

English Proverbs and Future Audio

Hello Everyone! The 2nd newsletter is here! After a long summer (almost 2 months) I am back and ready to work. In this newsletter we will be looking again at the past, present and future of the website.

The Past Simple

(What I did these past months)

Since the last newsletter a couple things have been added. Most recently was the new article on English proverbs. I believe that anything, including proverbs, can help your English, as long as you make the effort to help yourself.

Tip: Don't waste your time trying to learn them all! choose a couple that seem useful and learn them.

Present Continuous

(What's happening right now?)

Everyday I am creating new and interesting articles for the site. I have been thinking about creating an English learners horoscope and also a bathroom course (for those times when you are in the bathroom...why not learn some English?)

Again I'd like to remind you about the table of contents to help you find different articles.

If you could also take the time (maximum 5 minutes) to complete my website survey I would really appreciate it. I use your comments to help me learn what you like and dislike about the site and then make improvements.

The Future

(What to expect in the months to come)

You might have noticed that the writing workshop has paused after only two assignments. Both Arturo and myself have been on holiday but I think, in the future, I am going to open the workshop to others. If any of you are interested please send me a request via the form on the Ask me page. Please be patient and remember that many people send me messages and it takes time to go through them and respond.

Lastly, there will be the sounds of native speakers filling your ears very soon.

I have done numerous interviews with friends and family and I hope to get the audio files on the website before Christmas. In addition to these interviews you will also be able to listen to ALL of the articles in English as well.

Happy Learning!

Diana Tower

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