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I have a question for you...How am I doing?  

I'd love to know what you think about the website and I'm even curious to know what you do not like.  

That's correct.  I am interested in learning what you love and hate about my site because it helps me create more of what you want and avoid what you don't.

Rather than just keeping your desires and wishes to yourself, I invite you to share your wishes with me so that I can make them come true!

Ask and you shall receive!


  • what amazing information do you want to read?
  • what interactive course would you like to learn about?
  • what new concept would you like me to teach you?

Create your own wish-list below and share your feedback with me.

I'm ready with my pen and paper to take notes and apply your wishes and suggestions to the website.  Don't be shy...I love all comments and feedback!

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Do you have a great idea for something new on the website?

This is where you can add your suggestions and make comments on the suggestions of others.

Remember, I take your wish list seriously and you really can affect what I add to the site.

If you want something, just ask me!

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Why English is Important for a person to prosper in life? 
The English language is a very important language that everyone should master to prosper in life. It is also an International language that is commonly …

Speaking like native speaker 
I want to speak like actors in movies, I want English to be like my mother language for me. I've good knowledge of grammar, but not that much in speaking …

Continue Editing with
Membership Fee
I like the way you do the editing and I know that it's time consuming. Making correctness directly in our writing is an effective way to improve writing. …

I know I'm Late, but a Wish Pays Forever 
Hello, I have only one wish - to speak English. I'm from the Czech republic, 38 (almost 39), I study English for 2 or 3 hours every day. I can say I'm …

Listening Advice and Exercises 
Hi Diana, First of all, I wanna thank you for the amazing and useful job you've been doing with both your website and newsletter. I think it could …

STRUCTURE of English sentence 
Hi Diana If I may suggest you to try to approach the structure of English sentence to us foreigners. We all have pattern of our native's language and …

I want to learn more with music 
I have been listening to English songs every day for years. But I still wonder how to learn with music. Could you give me some advice? I would appreciate …

Music lessons! 
Hi Diana, A Merry Christmas to you too! For 2010 I would love to see more lessons based on songs ('Learn with Music') if in any way possible, please. …

"Words of the Week" Section??? 
Your site is absolutely fabulous. I 've discovered it recently and now I am a "Diana-addict":) I would like to suggest a 'Word s Of The Week' section. …

Short Videos from Movies or TV Series 
Marry Christmas for you and your family, I wish good luck for you at next year and all life. In 2010 I would like to see more short stories to read …

Speaking and Writing in English Fluently Not rated yet
Hi Diana, I am so interested with your website especially about writing course. I found your website through search engine. I want to join in your writing …

Learning English Not rated yet
I wish to be a good English speaker, a great writer, and to be an awesome speaker.

Learning English the Easy Way Not rated yet
English is a language that is originally spoken in England which has developed to be the first language for several nations around the globe or otherwise …

My top 4 wishes Not rated yet
1.I wish to learn english 100% beacuse now I'm only 50%. 2.After completing the number 1 wish, I wish to have a private English teacher. 3.After …

Can live in English Everyday, That my wish. Not rated yet
Hello Diana; I come across your site from Robby,englishharmony.I see your learning material is something useful. So,I want to have one in bookshelf …

free learning english Not rated yet
Humbly requesting you. I deeply want to learn english as a second language, as a free english course!!

I have desperate desire to improve my listening skills. Not rated yet
Hello Diana, How are you today? Thank you very much for the attention to our wishes. My wish is simple. I need short audio texts (lessons) for …

Passing My IB Not rated yet
English ib psychology ib and all my other subjects go to the usa become a pharmacist or doctor marry mayemba be wealthy

Useful Articles About Daily Life to Improvement Verbal English Not rated yet
I am going to improve my verbal English, but I am not so good at daily life expression. Would you please write some articles that can add knowledge about …

English Express Video! Not rated yet
Hi Diana, To see you at the end of your video makes a good impact towards getting your "English Express" audio lessons. In my opinion, your secret …

How to Continue to Improve my English? Not rated yet
Let me introduce myself. My name is Dung, I'm Vietnamese and I learn English at school. I have learned basic knowledge such as tenses, rewriting the sentence, …

Business English Not rated yet
Dear Diana, First of all I would like to wish you all the best in 2010 in your job and in your personal life as well. Thank you for this opportunity …

I wish to learn English expressions! Not rated yet
1) Actual slang 2) Short stories to read with popular expressions. 3) Listen to some music with commom expressions. 4) Videos with usual conversations. …

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