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Learn English, Issue #005-- Giving Feedback
November 07, 2008

Learn English Newsletter,
Issue #005

Fixing my Feedback Link!


You are probably thinking, ANOTHER newsletter! Yes, I did send one yesterday, but I wanted to send another to correct a mistake that I made.

In my previous newsletters I asked for your feedback about my website.

I greatly value your opinions and suggestions so this is very important to me. I thought that people were too busy to do the survey but after further investigation I found that I had made a mistake with the link. (One suggestion for me: Check that my links are working properly!!!)

I apologize to all of you who tried to give me feedback but couldn't.

Here is the new and CORRECT link to submit your opinions and suggestions for the site.

Visit my feedback page and be BRUTAL! Tell me what you HATE. What you LOVE...what you don't understand! Your comments are taken seriously and do really help make the site better for everyone!

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me make this site better for you!!

Happy Learning!

Diana Tower

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