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Two Free Reports & 33 Hotel Expressions in English
May 24, 2010


I read an amazing quote earlier and I thought I would start this month's newsletter with it...

The less routine the more life.
Amos Bronson Alcott

What do you think that means?

Visit the following link to read my interpretation and add your own comments.

Read my personal opinion here and share your opinion too!.

Break your Routine!

To help you “break your routine” or create time for your English this month I wanted to give you some great resources to help you on your learning English journey.

So this month you will find:

*How to study better for your Exams. Download your copy here!

*How to use wordchamp to supercharge your online reading experience (Free Report!)

*Hotel English (what you really want to know).

Articles 1 and 2 can be downloaded by visiting the links but the hotel English information is special and just for you! ;)

Hotel English

When I started preparing this newsletter I wanted to help you through the entire “hotel” process but I realized that there are so many different aspects that I could create an entire course on it (something for the future).

For now I want to help you identify what particular expressions mean so that when you are booking your hotel online or with a travel agent you will know what each of the options or services refers to.

What you want! How the Hotel describes it... Example in Context
To arrive at any time 24 hour concierge/front desk service/24 check-in Our hotel has a 24 hour check-in service/front desk. You can arrive at any time that day.
Order food to your room. room service. I can't wait to order room service! I love having breakfast in bed.
Have a service included in the price. _______ included or _______ complimentary Courtesy service. (FREE) I only stay in hotels that have a complimentary breakfast. It is great to get more services included in the room rate.
Have your clothes cleaned Laundry service If you like you can leave your clothes with our laundry service and we will return your clothes by 8am tomorrow.
Leave your child with someone while you and your partner have dinner alone. Babysitting or daycare service. I loved our hotel because they had a babysitting service included with our room. My husband and I were able to have a romantic dinner and knew that our baby was being taken care of.
Know that something is not free or included. Prices on demand, additional cost/charge. Some services are not free but it is usually clear when you read “prices on request” on the website. I don't mind paying an additional charge for satellite TV in my room.
Leave your bag at the hotel after you check out (for a couple of hours) Baggage storage service We had to check out by 1pm but our flight was at 8pm so we were able to leave our luggage with the hotel baggage storage service while we explored Paris that afternoon.
Leave your passport/documents in a secure place during the day. Safety deposit box (in each room). I like to have a safety deposit box in my room so I can leave my passport there. It is much safer than carrying it around with me.
Know if the hotel is accessible for wheelchairs or handicapped people. Wheelchair accessible My mother is in a wheelchair and is is sometimes hard to find hotels that are wheelchair accessible.
Have a room that no one has or will smoke in. Non-smoking room I hate smoke so I always stay in non-smoking rooms.
Smoke in your room Smoking room I don't really mind if I get a smoking room.
Have a bed for your baby Cribs provided Our baby was very comfortable in the hotel crib. I felt better knowing she could sleep in her own little bed.
Have an extra bed for a child or extra person. Roll-out beds provided. Our cousin came with us that weekend so we asked for a roll-out bed/cot for him to sleep on.
Have someone call your hotel room in the morning to wake you up. A wake-up call. I always forget to bring my alarm clock with me so I depend on the hotel's wake-up call service to get up on time.
Know what is included in the hotel rate Room & amenities, room and services included. I like to know everything that is included in the room rate before I book a night. If the hotel does not have enough services or amenities included then I will stay somewhere else.
Have no restrictions on internet use or another service Unlimited (internet) I only stay in hotels with unlimited internet access.
Have access to something directly from your room. In-room (water service, bar, etc) I love how that hotel had an in-room snack bar.
Have a large selection of something or many options. Vast, wide, large selection of ... Sometimes it isn't important to have a vast selection of drinks in the mini bar.
Know what is close by or near the hotel. Local amenities, landmarks, attractions. I always check to make sure there are enough local amenities and attractions close to the hotels I stay in.
Have breakfast included in the room rate. Bed and breakfast/breakfast included. I like the idea of bed and breakfasts because you don't have to worry about one meal (although complimentary breakfasts are even better).
Secure a room or make a reservation. To book, to reserve. I always book my hotels online because it is quick, easy and affordable.
Get your room key and access to your room. Check-in I like hotels that have a 24 hour check-in because sometimes my flights arrive very late at night.
Give your room key back to reception/front desk and pay the bill. check-out I always check to make sure I have all of my things before I check-out of my hotel room.
The hotel wants money in advance to ensure that you do not damage anything. deposit I totally understand why hotels ask for a deposit but it is a little annoying.
A bed for one person A single bed/a twin bed I would never want a single bed in a hotel. Even if I am alone I love to sleep in big beds.
A bed for two people A Double bed/a Queen A double bed is comfortable for two people but a king is better.
A bed for two but big A King sized bed Sometimes you can get lost in a king-sized bed and there is so much space that it might seem like you are sleeping alone when you aren't.
To speak to the person in charge. To speak to the hotel manager. I have never had to speak to the hotel manager but if I did I would hope they would resolve my problem.
To ask about the hotel cleaning service. housekeeping/maid service. Most hotels have very good housekeeping services and I wouldn't want to stay in a hotel that didn't.
Cook some of your own meals. You need a kitchenette (small kitchen). The last time we went to New York we had a room with a kitchenette and it was perfect for saving money on eating out.
Know how many people are allowed in each room. Maximum capacity ___ (4). I usually travel with my husband so I don't have to worry about the maximum capacity.
How much the room cost/price Room rate per night. I always try to get the best room rate I can, but sometimes it is worth it to pay a bit more.
Know if there are any rooms available Vacancy or vacant rooms...or just if there are any rooms available. Sometimes it is difficult to find a vacancy in high season(the popular time to travel in that area).

So that is it for now!

I hope you have enjoyed this topic: "Hotel English" and if you have any comments or would like to say something about this newsletter please send me a message via this form.

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