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Learn English, Issue #003 -- Beginners in mind
October 21, 2008

Learn English Newsletter,
Issue #003

Support for Beginners...


The 3rd newsletter is here! For some of you this may be the first issue that you have recieved and, if so, I'd like to thank you again for signing up. :)

If you don't understand everything in this Newsletter, translate it into your native language, with the "google translator" below.

If you can't see the google translator click here.

The Past Simple

(What I did this month.)

Since the last newsletter I have added several new articles and I'd like to mention one here...just incase you haven't discovered it.

How to Improve your English for you Job
This article responds to a visitor's question regarding learning English to help her at work. Here you will find;

  • her corrected letter
  • 5 simple steps to improve your English
  • AND a weekly schedule to incorporate English into your daily life.

    I'd like to remind you about the table of contents to help you find other articles that you might not have read yet.

    Tip: When you try to study English, make sure you are spending time doing things that you ENJOY. If you feel like studying is boring or frustrating then you wont be able to maintain your efforts for very long.

    Present Continuous

    (What's happening right now?)

    I work on this site everyday, trying to make the site easier to use and helpful to everyone. A recent reply to this Newsletter subscription made me re-evaluate the site for Beginners.

    A visitor wrote me a letter, in Spanish, explaining that she didn't understand the newsletter because she is a total beginner. I wrote her back in Spanish (far from perfect I might add!) and explained the email but her response made me realize, that beginners are probably totally lost when they find my site, and when they receive my newsletter.

    This is when Google saved the day! You will now find on EVERY page, a Google translator tool that will translate the entire page into your native language. There will also be one on every newsletter, like this one, to help you understand.

    I am also happy to announce the Learning Guide. This FREE guide shows you different ways to use the internet to learn English for FREE and at different levels. It is being made in collaboration with David Garcia from the Learn English Online blog. We have begun with two guides at the beginner level and we will be producing more for intermediate and advanced levels as well. So stay tuned!

    The Future

    (What to expect in the months to come)

    In the future I plan to incorporate audio, launch my own course, re-invent the writing workshop to make it more interactive, incorporate a forum to encourage participation and to create a community of learners. I want to make Helping you Learn English the best website it can be!

    I think the biggest development will be happening around Christmas, when every Helping you Learn English visitor will be able to participate and interact with others on the site.

    You will soon be able to

  • interact with one another
  • leave comments
  • ask questions
  • and make a difference in your English and other's as well.

    I will keep you posted about this new "participation" upgrade, in the weeks to come.

    For can start your participation by telling me what needs to be added or changed on the site. Visit my feedback page and be BRUTAL! Tell me what you HATE. What you LOVE...what you don't understand! Your comments are taken seriously and do really help make the site better for everyone!

    Also, you may have noticed that the newsletter has been a bit infrequent BUT this is about to change. Please expect to receive updates and tips on a regular basis from now on. :)

    Have a wonderful day and Happy Learning!

    Diana Tower

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