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Happy New Year from "Helping You Learn"
January 21, 2009

Learn English Newsletter,
Issue #007

Hello and Happy 2009!


I am excited to send you the first newsletter of 2009, from "Helping You Learn". I just know that it is going to be a wonderful year of learning for you and celebration for me. I will be celebrating for two reasons.

#1 I am getting married this summer! YAY! (so I apologize if new material does not get posted in August! :)

#2 I am already celebrating because two days ago the website received

201 individual visitors for one day!!!

That is a new record! I am so proud that people are finding the site and coming back for more. :)

The Past Simple

(What I did these past months.)

Since the last newsletter I have added several new articles to the website. As it is a time of resolutions and new beginnings I made some suggestions of what you can do for your English in 2009 (21 tips to be exact).

Since changing the format of the writing workshop there has been a big response. Still haven't started? Visit the workshop now to get started with your first assignment.

If you want to browse the entire site check out the table of contents to help you find other articles that you might not have read yet.

STUDY TIP: Make a decision and stick with it. Try to do what you say you will. It is one thing to say that you are going to study everyday for an hour and another to actually DO IT. :)

Present Continuous

(What's happening right now?)

There are now some things that you can expect on a weekly basis.

1) The writing workshop. You will find a new assignment every Wednesday. Now you can work on your writing skills on a weekly basis. :)

2) On a by weekly basis (every two weeks) there will be a new lesson added to Learning Guide, my collaborative project with David Garcia, from the Learn English Online blog.

The Future

(What to expect in the months to come)

Audio is still in the distant future. I have now learnt about some simple software to use so now I just need to play with it. You will be the first to know when my voice is up live on the website. I promise.

Have a wonderful day and Happy Learning!

Diana Tower

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