"YOU Learn English... 
I just make it faster, easier and more fun!" - Diana Tower

There are many reasons why you want to learn English...

  • To express yourself clearly.
  • To get a better job.
  • To communicate with your Anglo colleagues or clients.

No matter what your motivation, you probably want to feel confidentcomfortableunderstood and intelligent as well.  

Many people do feel those things, especially when they achieve their English goals.  

Today I’d like to help you feel that way too.  

With my VIP online English classes and seminars, and all the resources I provide on this website, you too can feel proud of your English.

Once you are a part of this exclusive community of like-minded English learners and teachers, you will discover that you can achieve all of your English goals.

Do you want to Master English?

  • ...to shine with confidence
  • ...to communicate clearly
  • ...to eliminate confusion

Take action right now.

Quick and Easy Action Steps!

Step 1Sign up for my free newsletter. This newsletter is a personal email from me to you exploring new techniques (practice listening with the audio version).

Step 2: Sign up for my free email study guide.  This 7 week email reminder keeps English alive in your life and helps motivate you to create new and lasting habits.

Step 3: Register for an online class with me.  

Choose from group classes, email coaching or one-to-one lessons.

Step 4: Explore all the learn English articles and resources on this website using the navigation bar on the left or the table of contents.

It is with excitement and joy that I welcome you here to helping-you-learn-english.com and I look forward to personally working with you and taking you on a journey of English mastery.

Warm regards,

Diana Tower

Diana Tower is the trusted teacher and creator of helping-you-learn-english.com  

Her online classes combine a dedication for learning, friendship, humor and motivation that helps her students succeed.  At the same time, her online resources allow students to study 24/7.

Over 7000 learners read her monthly newsletter and over 40,000 visitors come to this site monthly.

Specializing in one-to-one classes and coaching, she works with her students to achieve their goals and dreams with humor and patience.  

"My goal is to help you discover a painless and fun way to finally learn English." -Diana Tower

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