Motivation for English Learners

Looking for some motivation? You have come to the right place.

When you learn English, you are faced with many obstacles and when you do not have confidence this only makes things harder.

So what can you do?

When you are feeling frustrated, sad and want to quit, come to these English articles and take a "click" around. The articles and audio will help you feel better and offer suggestions and advice on how to stay positive.

Changing the way your mind sees things and adapting your attitude can be a "game-changer".  Acting as if you are fluent NOW can help you get there even faster AND enjoy the process of learning even more.

Six great ways to improve your listening comprehension when you are in real situations (at lunch, having a drink or in a business meeting). 

Identify the 9 most common ways to encourage yourself to learn and see which situation you are in. 

Trying to push yourself to Learn English? Choose from 21 of my favourite ways to incorporate English into your daily life. Just do ONE and you will see and feel an improvement.

Motivational Quotes

Visit each motivational quote page to explore my interpretation, listen to my friend Travis talk about each quote and also SHARE your own interpretations with me!

Avoiding the fear of failure

Having the right attitude for success

Striving for success according to David Bly.

Travelling the road to success

Let Zig Ziglar motivate YOU

The words of Albert Einstein

Mark Victor Hansen: waiting for perfection = waste of time!

Many get frustrated when they are not able to speak perfectly, without mistakes. Did you know that some common English mistakes are necessary? After time, you'll see that many people are going through exactly the same issues that you are. You are not alone on this learning English journey.

You should also learn the power of faking it! Pretending that you are confidant, bilingual and can communicate in any situation will greatly improve your English. Don't focus on the negative, but look at the positive and what you do know. 

The difficulties that you have with English are usually small and easy to fix with repetition, consistency and effort. But when you add insecurity and frustration those problems become harder to correct.

Try to keep your thoughts positive and look on the bright side. Rather than apologize for your English, visit this page and remind yourself that your English is good and that mistakes happen. 

Feeling confident but need some Grammar help? Click here... 

My Beginner's course can keep you motivated.

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