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When you think about learning English you might wonder what ESL materials you should use to help you progress quicker.

Just like my other readers, you may wonder, what resources can make this process more interesting. You might also be curious to know which materials actually work.

It's English Time! English Express! 5 Simple Steps to Better Writing! English Harmony 2.0! Pronunciation Power!
Effortless English! Best Accent Training! Ola Zur! English Grammar Revolution! English Success

Since 2006, I have seen and reviewed many different ESL books, online English courses, audio CDs and games. Depending on your learning style, English level, and age, some ESL materials are very helpful, while others can be just a waste of money.

I'd like to help keep your money safe, and guide you in the right direction when buying resources online. Explore the images above for my favorite courses.

Below I'd like to go further and speak about the materials and courses that I highly recommend. They might be exactly what you are looking for or they might not be. Take a look and decide for yourself.

Also, if you decide to purchase any of the products mentioned on this website, not only will you be getting a high quality product; you will also be supporting and keeping it on the Internet through the use of affiliate programs.

Diana's ESL Materials

It's English Time
English Express
5 Simple Steps to Better Writing

First on the list are my own creations. I have created several courses that many of my visitors found useful.

It's English Time!

The latest and greatest of my courses takes real animated videos about a man named Jerry and transforms them into interactive English lessons. Learn common expressions, phrasal verbs, and useful vocabulary by simply watching 5 minute videos.

English Express: Audio Listening Exercises

This course helps you improve your listening comprehension using 20 MP3's written and recorded by me. Listening to common topics, such as love, work, friendship, and health helps you understand spoken English better.

5 Simple Steps to Better Writing

This eBook (combined with the free audio book) helps inspire you to write and transform writing into something you can love. Tips, motivation and exercises help you discover that writing in English is not as difficult as you may think.

I currently have three products, but what if you are looking for an ESL game, English fluency training lessons, or something more specific?

I might not have the resource you are looking for, but I can definitely recommend one.

Here are some ESL materials and courses 
that I know will help you!

Do you want to improve your English fluency and speaking skills?

Look no further than "English Harmony". This 3 DVD English course will show you how to increase your fluency.

Special note: I recorded Robby's eBook "English Harmony: Insider Secrets" and you will receive this audio book for free when you get this course.

Listen to the five minute sample of the audio book below...

Do you want to listen your way to better English without any grammar exercises?

Take a look at "Effortless English", which is 100% audio. Effortless English doesn't ask you to memorize anything, use boring grammar books or study vocabulary lists. AJ's approach is interactive, different and might be just what you are looking for.

I'd like to understand sentence diagramming and improve my grammar skills.

If that sounds like you then let me introduce you to Elizabeth, the queen of sentence diagramming.

Her video English grammar lessons take you by the hand and show you how to sentence diagram and learn grammar simultaneously. 

Now that you have found some useful ESL materials, check out my free motivation and advice articles!

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Discover these Amazing ESL Materials!

It's English Time! English Express! 5 Simple Steps to Better Writing! English Harmony 2.0! Pronunciation Power!
Effortless English! Best Accent Training! Ola Zur! English Grammar Revolution! English Success

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