Need Some Advice About
Learning English?

Are you looking for some English learning advice? Is there something about learning English that you don't understand or a question that you need help answering?

Many people want advice on how to learn English but they focus on boring or uninteresting techniques. Why not look at an interesting quote, "The less routine the more life" and share your interpretations.

Speaking with other people about their views or opinions is a great way to make English more than just words on the page. English becomes a tool to accomplish a greater objective.

One goal many student's have is to improve their listening skills. If you want some great advice then correct these 3 mistakes you will notice your English listening skills improve dramatically.

What about your comprehension in general? Maybe your listening skills are strong, but you feel like you can't understand movies or TV programs. If that is the case, just visit the Learn English Video Library to watch some interesting and useful Videos in English.

Movies are a great way to "use" your English. They are also great for teaching English. Using an idea from the movie, "The Matrix", I explain another approach to how to learn English as well.

From the comfort of your own home you can improve your English one movie at a time. 

Studying from home is not the only answer. There are many different ways to study English and it is my job to help you discover the best way for you to study English. Many people do not realize what the key to learning English is. Rather than focusing on the final objective it is mandatory that you make small changes and do small things every day to improve.

What are some other questions that you might want answered?

  1. Can English proverbs help you Learn English?
  2. Do I have any tips for finding websites to learn English online?
  3. How does listening to English help you improve your listening skills?
  4. Can you really learn English just by hearing it?
  5. What English radio program is the best for ESL listeners?
  6. What happened to Personal Success Radio?
  7. How can you find good/free website resources and when is it worth paying for something?
  8. Can you really get free English books from the Gutenberg Project?
  9. Could you give me 5 tricks to help me with an oral exam (comparing two photos)?
  10. What are 5 easy steps to improve my Listening, speaking and communication skills for my job?
  11. I hate making mistakes, but I how can I learn from them?
  12. Can you tell me what the reality is behind ESL listening programs? What works and what doesn't?
  13. How can the right dictionary help me improve my pronunciation? 
  14. How can you improve your ESL vocabulary?
  15. How can audio help you learn new words?

Now, I know that your time is valuable, and that you don't have much of it. SO...not only will you find the answers to your important questions on this website, you will also study English at the same time.

This entire website is provided in English, forcing you to use English as it was meant to be used.

Want a different way to learn English Grammar? Turn on some music!

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