Improving Listening Skills

Improving listening skills can be fun and interesting.

What?  You don’t believe me?

Thankfully I have a different approach to making your listening skills better.

Review that approach now by clicking this link and then come back to this page once you are done.  I’ll wait here.


Great! Let’s continue.

Welcome to a new way of improving your listening skills!

I am happy to tell you that learning English or improving listening skills does not have to be boring or dull.

If I told you, that rather than learn English, you were going to

  • learn how to be patient,
  • how to believe in yourself,
  • how to shine in the face of criticism
  • or learn the ABC's to being happier and healthier

...would you be excited?

Choose from one of the links below to start improving your listening skills right now!

The categories below are a combination of listening, reading, exploration and understanding practice.

Sounds fun doesn't it? (...and useful too!)

Would like to...

learn how to be patient

Learn how to believe in yourself

Learn how to shine in spite of criticism

Learn the ABC's to being happier and healthier

Vocabulary Activities Glossary: An audio glossary for each article.

Don't understand everything? 

Do not worry! No one does.

I was just reading a book, a very popular book actually, "New Moon" by Stephanie Meyer. I was looking at the prologue this morning and I saw a word that I didn't know.

*GASP*...Diana doesn't know what a word means?!? She is an English Teacher!...a native speaker!!

Let's be realistic!

I don't know what every word in the English language means. Do you know what, "inexorably" means? I sure didn't. From the context I knew that something was doing something in an inexorable way...but what?

I now know a new word, as of today...

Inexorably –adjective

1. Unyielding; unalterable: inexorable truth; inexorable justice.

2. Not to be persuaded, moved, or affected by prayers: an inexorable creditor.

So...when you start to look at your listening skills and want to start improving them, remember;

No one knows everything...if they say they do...they are lying. ;)

Improving listening skills and your pacience at the same time

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Fix these 3 mistakes that are hurting your english listening skills

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