Dynamic English Lessons Online
With Diana Tower

You are looking for English lessons online and I am happy to announce that I am providing classes online for adults to improve their English.

When you have classes with me online, you will discover that learning English can be fun, rewarding and affordable.  

Not to mention all from the comfort of your own home.

Many students complain that they are unable to practice their English because they do not know any native English speakers or they have no one to practice their skills with.

My English lessons online solve this problem.

Not only will you have a native English speaker to practice your English with on a weekly basis, you have an experienced professional supporting your goals and progress every step of the way.

If you do not know what you need to attend an online class read this article "How to Prepare for Your English Online Classes".

What Kind of English Lessons Online Can You Choose From?

1.  "Ask, Laugh and Learn English with Diana"
45 Minute Question & Answer Seminar

Currently Unavaliable

I am currently testing different platforms to find the best one for our classes.  

Edufire and anymeeting did not meet my expectations so I will be trying AdobeConnect now.

The most affordable, yet least personalized of my services, are group English lessons online.  

In these 45 minute lectures, you receive instant answers to your most frustrating questions and learn from other students as well.

I find that most of my students experience the same frustrations and problems as other students and you can learn a lot listening to other learners like you.

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2.  Exclusive Email Coaching
Email Coaching Sessions


If you’d like email coaching, please buy your coaching classes/subscription below and we can get started right away.

One reason why students struggle or feel frustrated with their English is that they lack the motivation, accountability and inspiration to incorporate English into their daily lives.

Many people can't do it alone, and you shouldn't have to.

Sign up for my exclusive Email coaching and you can rely on me to answer your questions and support your progress.  

  • perfect your professional writing skills
  • express yourself clearly and concisely
  • receive correction and feedback on your writing
  • listen to mp3 "voice mail" messages to improve your listening
  • push yourself to use your English on a frequent basis

Receive up to 7 original and customized coaching emails a week to strengthen your writing and listening; all while feeling supported every step of the way.

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How to Sign-Up For Email Coaching

  • Choose a coaching subscription from the options below. 
  • Select that subscription in the PayPal "drop-down" menu/price list.
  • Click Subscribe and follow the instructions to pay via PayPal or use a credit card.
  • Once payment is received I will send you an introductory email with more details and to get the coaching started.
  • I look forward to coaching you.  :)

Email Coaching Subscriptions

Get Started

1 coaching email a week.

Up to 4 emails a month.


Most Popular

3 coaching emails a week.

Up to 12 emails a month.



7 coaching emails a week.

Up to 20 emails a month.  


2 free emails a month

Choose Your Email Coaching Subscription

Terms and conditions for email coaching

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For those of you who prefer more interaction while learning English you will enjoy my premium English lessons online.

3.  One-to-One Online English Lessons
Private online classes with Diana


If you’d like to access one-to-one classes, please review the subscriptions.

My one to one online classes are your secret weapon against frustration, boredom and slow progress.  

Not only will you incorporate English into your daily routine, you gain a friend and coach to help you with your most difficult issues and frustrations.

Secure your classes before all my remaining spots fill up.

Take a look at my available classes below.

You can sign-up for English Lessons online with me one of two ways: a monthly subscription plan or a class package.

Monthly Subscriptions

Once a week Subscription

  • 4 One to one English classes with Diana
  • 45 minute classes

Total: €160/Month

I created this subscription for those of you who need someone to keep them motivated and consistently learning English.  

Weekly X2 Subscription

  • 8 One to one English classes with Diana
  • 45 minute classes

Total: €320/Month

This is a great way to keep your English fresh in your mind.  

Weekly X3 Subscription

  • 12 One to one English classes with Diana
  • 45 minute class

Total: €480/Month

Create your own intensive course by having class 3 days a week.  By using your English regularly you will gain confidence and fluency quickly.  

Choose your Subscription Below

Terms and conditions: Including cancellation policy and payment

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In addition to my English lessons online you can also learn a great deal from my monthly newsletter.  Sign-up for this free publication here.

With unique audio, video and advice articles, it is the perfect complement for our English lessons online.  

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