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If you have been searching for an effective English course or product, then you know what it is like to suddenly discover a NEW course or service.

(You feel excited, and hopeful that THIS course will transform your English and make you fluent!)

Hopefully it is not a promise to be bilingual in 7 days (if so please read my up-coming article on the life long process of learning English).

My 9 Favorite ESL Materials!

It's English Time! English Express! 5 Simple Steps to Better Writing! English Harmony 2.0! Pronunciation Power!
Effortless English! Best Accent Training! Ola Zur! English Grammar Revolution! English Success

What would you do if you heard something about a new academy or CD course?

How do you make the decision to remove your credit card from your wallet and make a purchase?

Wouldn't it be nice if you knew someone who had already taken the course, or someone who had first hand experience teaching or learning with that service or method? I would like to be that person for you.

I have worked with a couple of well known academies in Spain, Vaughan Systems and Pueblo Ingles, and I have also taught with materials such asSpeakup Magazine, Hot English Magazine, and various language learning materials and websites.

Here you will find opinions and recommendations from me (a professional teacher) who knows what kinds of English courses work and those which don't. I advise my students regularly on; courses that really work, and others that are a waste of time.

I'd like you to have the same access to this information as they do. 


"It's English Time!" by Diana Tower
Finally an interesting and interactive video and audio course that allows you to learn spoken English including useful expressions, phrasal verbs and vocabulary simultaneously. 

"English Harmony System de Luxe" by Robby Kukurs

Discover English fluency as you build your confidence. This new digital  program imprints natural English speech patterns in your mind with revolutionary speech exercising technology! 

"Best Accent Training Mp3s" by Charles Becker
This mp3 based course will help you improve and refine your English pronunciation from the comfort of your own home. Use these mp3s while at the gym or during a bus ride. You are in control when you follow this course.

"5 Simple Steps to Better Writing" by Diana Tower. This quick e-course makes writing interesting and fun for all learners. (Now includes free audio book so you can listen as you learn!)

"English Success" by Alfredo Deambrosi is an engaging and motivation video course that helps you improve your grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and confidence all at the same time.

Points of Evaluation

General description of the course or service
Insider perspectives (when available)

Need Help Choosing a Course or other Learning Product?

If you want a second opinion before buying or signing up for a new course or service, send me a note with the course/product details (website etc)using the form below and I'll give you my professional opinion as soon as possible.

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What English courses, products or services are you interested in learning more about?

In the form below, please provide as much detail as you can about the course and a URL for their website so I can fully research and investigate the product.

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This course looks good. There are lots of materials available and a free Skype session with a teacher. Please tell me what you think. The website is …

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Why buy an English course blindly,
when you can get a second opinion, for free?

Additional Course Reviews

Rosetta Stone My impressions and opinions about the well known language learning system by Rosetta Stone.

Prof. Kev Nair's Fluency Course (20 Books) After reading the sample pages from each of the 20 books I have given my perspective of this English course. Should you buy this course to improve your English fluency?

Found the right English course but need some English Grammar help?

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Discover these Amazing ESL Materials!

It's English Time! English Express! 5 Simple Steps to Better Writing! English Harmony 2.0! Pronunciation Power!
Effortless English! Best Accent Training! Ola Zur! English Grammar Revolution! English Success

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