Finding the Right English Language Course for YOU!

"English Success" Review

As you know no English language course is perfect and not every course will work for everyone.  

That is why I include all aspects of the course (positive and negative) and explore who might benefit most from a particular course.

What goals would you like to achieve with the next English language course you buy ?

  • Have and maintain a conversation.  
  • Understand TV programs.  
  • Use grammar correctly.  
  • Feel confident when speaking English.

Today I'm reviewing “English Success”.  

Let's see if it can help you achieve those goals and more.  

What is English Success?

Rather than talk about it...why not watch the first video from the course and experience it for yourself.  :)

Don't you just love how clearly Alfredo speaks!

With 62 videos wonderful videos (like the one above), 62 audio mp3s and a writing guide (including transcripts) this English language course supports you as you strengthen your grammar, expand your vocabulary, clarify your pronunciation and improve your listening skills.  

Who is English Success for?
Are you the ideal student?

Do you have an intermediate level of English?  

Are you looking for a simple English language course to improve all areas of your English?

If you are a visual learner this English language course would be very beneficial to you.  The videos combined with photos and explanations make everything simple and easy to understand.

Also, if you find it difficult to study English on a daily basis this course could help you form the habit of studying everyday.

When I first got the course and started watching it, I couldn't stop.  

Looking at the notes that to took I wrote, 

“I'm actually watching.  Not boring!” - Diana

How do you get the course material?

Digital Download

When you buy the course, you download all of your materials instantly.  

This is great because you don't have to wait for DVDs to be shipped to your home and you can access the course on your computer, phone or tablet.

My only complaint about the download process is that the course is organized into 16 folders that must be downloaded separately.

It is a bit annoying having to double click on each folder and download them individually.  That being said, it is still much more efficient than waiting for a package in the mail.

Will You Understand the Speakers?

In all of the videos you will find Alfredo speaks very clearly.  (Just like in the first video of the series that you just watched).  

It is easy to understand him and even when you cannot  understand 100% of what he says, you have the transcript to help you. 

Special Notes:

I love how the lessons refer back to material and situations presented in previous videos.  

For example, the first video in Unit 2 (watch below) presents a conversation between two friends.

Then in lesson 3 on “pronunciation in the past tense”, it refers back to that same conversation to demonstrate the pronunciation in action.  

It is an effective way to review the material and make the video's content understandable.

Specific Videos I Liked!

I love lesson 12 of unit 1 (it explains the present progressive (continuous) perfectly and provides great examples and questions to practice within the video itself).

Video 7 of Unit 2 is a real conversation between Alfredo and his friend Matthew Weathers.  It is a great example of a true conversation.  

There are several of these conversation videos in Unit 2 of this English language course.

So Let's Be Direct:

Who is English Success for?  Someone that wants a simple routine that will allow them to enjoy learning English on a daily basis using audio, visual and written tools.

What does the course provide?  English Success provides you with 62 interactive videos, 62 easy to understand audio mp3 files and a comprehensive guide (complete with helpful transcripts, clear instructions and useful exercises).

Where will you use this course?  I imagine people studying with this course anywhere: in-front of their computers, in their cars, on public transit, or anywhere that they can listen to audio or access the videos via a mobile device (smart phones, laptops, tablets, ipads etc).

How will you improve?  Day by day.  With the help of English Success you will form the habit of studying English.  Use the videos everyday for 28 days and rather than relying on motivation or willpower to support your studies you can simply form the habit to study and use your English.

Now the big question...  

Is it worth $197?

To be honest, I initially thought no (as that is almost $200!) but when you do the math it is reasonable.  

Take the videos alone...without the added bonus of the audio and transcripts.  

With 62 videos that comes to only $3.17 per video!  

Add in the extra bonuses and you can see that the course is well worth the price.

So, should you get
English Success?

That depends, are you going to use this English language course?  

If you watch the videos and do the activities you will notice a significant improvement in all aspects of your English.

Get your copy today!

What do you think? 

Would you buy this course?  Have you used it?

What else would you like to know about the course?  

Leave a comment at the bottom of the page for me.

If you don't use the course, then you are just wasting your money.  

You decide.

I think that your desire to learn English and the structure and quality of this course will allow you to succeed.  

Happy learning,


Tip: Watch this introductory video and see a complete list of all the topics that English Success uses.

In addition to English Success, Alfredo has a free 5 video series called “Improving Your English Skills”.  

To watch a video about it and sign-up click here.

Once you sign up for Alfredo's mini English language course "Improving Your English Skills" I recommend you also sign-up for my FREE 5 week study guide.  For more details click here.

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