Learning Pronunciation:
Why I recommend
"Best Accent Training mp3s".

I discovered Charles Becker's, "Best Accent Training mp3s", for learning pronunciation, in 2009 and I wanted to share this wonderful course with you.

Many of my students ask how to improve their pronunciation. I try to give them many tips and suggestions and additionally, I recommend getting these mp3s.

Some Pronunciation Tips

1) Listening to correct English and practicing speaking is the number one tip I can give you.  The more you hear correct English the easier it will be to reproduce it.

2) Read aloud whenever you can.  Also try reading with a pencil in your mouth.  Bite on the pencil with your teeth and try speaking.  This forces you to move your mouth and tongue more and makes you compensate for having something in your mouth.  

If you practice with a pencil in your mouth and then try speaking without the pencil there, you will notice it is much easier to speak AND you probably will sound much clearer.

Why is this course good?

(1) "Best Accent Training mp3s" make learning flexible.

The number one complaint from my students is that they don't have enough time to study or for learning pronunciation specifically; they work, have kids and also need to sleep too.

This is one of the biggest reasons why I recommend the "Best Accent Training mp3s" to my students.

Just upload the audio to your mp3 player and go.
(Learn on the bus, while jogging or even while you drive to collect your children from school).

Best Accent Training mp3s allow you to transform any moment into a learning opportunity, which I think is great for all my busy students.

Are you busy too?

(2) "The Best Accent Training mp3s" help you learn at your own speed.

Sometimes my students complain about classes moving too quickly or too slowly. It is difficult to balance the needs of several people in one classroom. (Trust me...I do it everyday).

These mp3s solve this problem. Rather than being forced to learn at the same pace (speed) as other students, you are free to study and learn at a speed that is comfortable for you.  Your are in control.

(3) "The Best Accent Training mp3s" save you money!

You work hard for your money and you shouldn't be wasting it.

Many of my students ask me what I think about certain products or courses that cost over $200!!!  I say, save your money!  You should not be spending $200 on a pronunciation course.

But with these mp3s we are not talking about $200 and not even $100

They only cost $79.95

...the average cost of a two hour class with a native English speaker.

I am extremely happy to announce that a new option of purchasing his MP3 course has been added.

If you are unable to afford $79.95 for the entire course,  it possible to pick and choose single lessons from the course and ONLY pay for what you want.

Each individual lesson costs $6.95 and is dedicated to a particular vowel or concenant sound or intonation.

I'm excited about this because it gives you so much more flexibility and control when learning pronunciation. 

Why pay for an entire course, when you only need 5 lessons from it?

Visit the website to start with Lesson 1: Vowel #1 /i/ as in "leave", "seek". 

Once there, just click on the "Improve Your Accent Now" button for a list of available lessons.

If you would like to buy this course, and see for yourself, click here.
You'll be sent to Charles Becker's website.

So what does this course include?

The mp3s and a PDF guide to learning pronunciation. (The materials are available for instant download once payment has been made.)

  • 52 high quality mp3 lessons, show you how to improve, lesson by lesson. Charles demonstrates the sound that you will be practicing and then helps you through the exercise. You work together to improve.
  • The 88 page PDF guide includes the transcripts and additional instructions for each audio lesson. I believe that it is useful to have the guide with you while you study.My students also noticed a big improvement when they studied with the book in front of them.(I know it is 88 pages, but I would print it. :)

Three month (90 Day) money back guarantee

Another great detail of learning pronunciation with this course is that you can try it for three months (90 days) risk free!

If you are not impressed or happy with your results, you can ask for your money back. No questions asked.

Let's be honest. I am a teacher and I know what my students and I think about this course.

I can give you hundreds of reasons why you should get this course, but you won't really know unless you try it for yourself.

Get your own copy and try it. If you are not happy with it, just ask for a refund.

Click here to order these mp3s!
You'll be sent to Charles Becker's website.

I wish you the best of luck with learning pronunciation.

Happy Learning!

Diana Tower

What are you waiting for?

You've got nothing to loose...but your accent!

Click here to get your Best Accent Training mp3s and start learning pronunciation faster!

The Best Accent Training mp3s are easy to use and very interesting because they give you the chance to learn new words and useful expressions in the process of improving your pronunciation.

With the PDF file, I can read what I'm listening to and there is an explanation for each sentence, which is helpful.

I'd recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their English pronunciation.

- Paco Alcantara Martinez - Huelva, Spain

Click here to explore the testimonials on Charles Becker's website.

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