A Comedian Living Abroad

by Nafis

In a One sunny morning day in Vancouver, Canada, I have decided to dye my hair. In fact, the weather made me do so. A sunny day in Vancouver is so nice because all the streets are decorated with various colorful flowers. The sunlight reflects in shiny store windows and blinds pedestrians' eyes.

Everything is in the right location. A winding road can hardly be found in this city. All the roads and highways are constructed in parallel. Everything is in order and shaped into a perfect design. Birds are tweeting. I can smell the scent of the rain from last night. last night's rain. I can feel the freshness of the air.

To enjoy the beauty of this day, it would be great to dye my hair.
In On the 14th floor of the university high-rise apartments, the neighborhood is in silent. At this time of the day, 10 o'clock, most students are not in the building but maybe some housewives.

I am enjoying this peaceful environment with a view of the city. I can see high green-covered mountains with the dark blue-colored ocean at the bottom. I can hear the noise of white pelicans struggling to search for foods in the ocean. What a nice day!

I am begin putting some brown-colored paste on my head hair and then warp it with plastic wrap. In just twenty minutes, I my hair will be very nice. I was about to finish all the paste when I heard a loud constant noise: the fire alarm.

It is was so loud that I jumped, at least a one meter. My ears are were about to blast explode. I can could hardly hear my own voice. I am was not sure what I should do. I had two options, staying in or going out with this funny look. I seem look like an alien that come from another planet.

Making a decision in this situation is was a disaster because I spent a lot of time putting the paste on my hair and then, washing it out is a torture. I coudl not persuade myself to go out with this funny appearance looking like this.

So, I had to stay in and burn in the fire?? This is not reasonable, dying for beauty. It is not fair! Finally, I have decided to call the apartment manager to inform them about the fire.

The apartment manager picked up the phone and said something with an English accent which iswas not very clear for me. However, it is was not important. I started talking but I forgot the English words for "extinguisher".

I described the situation with different words. Suddenly, she interrupted me and said that they had called the Fire Department and they would be there in justtwo minutes.

A few housewives with their kids had gathered in front of the building waiting for the firefighters. I felt like they were looking at me and watching me thinking about how I was going to burn in the fire.

However, no one ccould realize see that happen. I abruptly jumped into the bathroom to wash out my dear paste. I have finished washing them it all out and sighed a lot deeply. I got dressed quickly and was ready to go out but realized that I could not hear the fire alarm anymore!

What a NICE day?!

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