An Unhappy Accident

by Raluca Daniela
(Bucharest, Romania)

Shopping Bag Thief

Shopping Bag Thief

Please mr. policeman officer, pleasehelp me! I must report a robbery! I was walking on the Avenue 15th street no 15 when I saw I nice red dress in the showcase of the Steilmann shop.

Obviously Abviously I stopped. You know that I am a huge fan of shopping fan and I just cannot pass through without looking or sometimes even buying. Actually, I had bought an very expensive Zara dress from Zara just fifteen minutes before that this unfortunate accident happend.

Anyway, As I was saying, I was admiring the dresses in that Steilmann dress and when suddenly I felt a someone grasp on my arm. As you can imagine, I got became very confused and scared in at the same time. I turned away quickly and I got shocked was stunned for 2 seconds: a short man, with a dubious look, was actually grabbing my bag! Can you imagine? He was robbing stealing my bag with my precious-just-bought Zara dress from Zara!

Ohh my God, I thought I would faint. But in the next second I started beating him hardly with the magazine that I was holding in my other hand. I was so scared and frightened, because he had strongly grabbed my hand with so much force and had started rudely ripping my shirt. I can still feel my hand aching me. My hand still hurts!

Can you please help me? I want my bag back. With that fancy dress I had in it. I also lost my identity card ana my wallet too. Please, I leave live near the center, on the at number 12, Future str. no 12. I leave you Here is my entire address and when you find that horrible thief, could you could call me immediately on at this number? Catch that man, he is a real danger on our streets!
Thank you

Raluca!!! Excellent work!

You had me smiling the whole time. Not because the woman had been robbed but by how creative and descriptive your assignment is. I LOVE IT! You really set an example for everyone else here. I changed a couple things (word placement, spelling and a bit of grammar) BUT in general I must congratulate you. What a great job!

Also, THANK YOU for submitting the picture too. It makes your assignment very visually pleasing. I encourage everyone to include a picture with your assignments. :)
Keep you the great work Raluca.
-Diana :)

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Oct 14, 2012
by: batskhem

I went for shopping but suddenly as I picked up my wallet from my bag, an unknown person stole my wallet and ran outside of the shop. Being a girl I could not catch him. I called the police for help, but unfortunately due to the slow service of the police, the thief ran freely from the spot. I was interrogated by the police officials officers on this matter. I could not recognize his face, but except his he was dressed in black pants and a blue shirt and was of average height. Since, I have had no more money I came home empty handed and was scolded by my parents for not taking better care the money. It was a memorable day in my life so that I will handle money very carefully in the future.

Apr 21, 2009
by: Trang

Your descriptions are very interesting. Now, I know how to describe a theft or robbery to the police!!!

Mar 27, 2009
waoo you are so creative person!
by: Jennifer

Your story was really good and funny. I began to read it and then I was laughing. We need people like you who make things to learn easier and enjoyable.

Feb 05, 2009
by: Raluca Daniela

Hello Diana, thanks for your feedback!!!
First I have to say that I really liked the way you improved my assignment. Now I can easily understand my mistakes. And that is great because, next time when I will read something I will pay attention to those kind of issues.
Second, I enjoyed your comments very much, it motivates me!! Thank you. See you at my next assignment. Bye

You are very welcome Raluca. I will be correcting the assignments once a week now (probably Fridays) because I am working on my new English Course for beginners. First Beginners...then Intermediates...and then Advanced! I think a course is what people REALLY want! Have a great afternoon! -Diana

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