Are all Your Resources Free?

by Eduardo B Peña

I want to improve my English, I need it for my job and life. Your page is wonderful !! Are all your resources free?? or have a cost?

Hi Eduardo, Thank you very much for getting in touch with me.

Is everything on my website for free or must you pay for it?

Well, I am happy to say that over 800 pages of content is free. You can review all the materials, advice and motivation articles by using the green navigation bar on the left or using the search function on the right (at the top).

You will notice that there are some materials that are for sale too. I currently have three products that I have created myself.

It's English Time
Which enables you to dramatically increase your vocabulary and understanding of phrasal verbs in as little as 30 days.
Click here to learn more about "It's English Time!"

English Express: Listening Exercises for Motivated beginners. This audio MP3 course focuses on improving your listening skills in relation to interesting day-to-day topics.
Click here to learn more about English Express!

5 Simple Steps to Better writing
My very first eBook which helps you discover the joy of writing.
Click here to learn more about "5 Simple Steps to Better Writing"!

In addition to selling my own products I also recommend a small number of "third party" products or materials that were made by other authors.

I receive a small percentage from each sale for these products (via affiliate programs) and that allows me to keep this site live on the Internet and to provide visitors like you with so much free content.

Here are the select few resources that I feel are worth recommending on my website:

English Harmony 2.0
Breaking traditional approaches created by the English language industry, Robby Kukurs shows you how to dramatically increase your English fluency while focusing on word chunks or groups.
Click here to visit English Harmony 2.0

Effortless English
Created by A.J Hoge, Effortless English promises to increase your fluency in 6 months. With dedication you can listen and speak your way to better English.
Click here to visit Effortless English LLC.

Best Accent Training MP3s
Accent reduction specialist Charles Becker works with you through all the major sounds to achieve a clear American accent.
Click here to visit Best Accent Training mp3s.

Pronunciation Power Software
The newest addition to my "like" list. A powerful set of tools that helps you focus on your specific pronunciation mistakes and provides interactive activities to dramatically improve your weak areas. Click here to learn more about "Pronunciation Power Software"!

English Grammar Revolution
A fellow SBIer Elizabeth breaks Grammar down by diagramming it.
Click here to view more details about this new approach to English grammar.

Take a moment to explore each resource. You never of these resources might be exactly what you have been searching for to help you improve your English!

Take care Eduardo!


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May 11, 2011
The importance of dialogs
by: Anonymous

Dear Diana:

I guess one of the stepping stones for getting fluent in any language would be constant emphasis on dialogs, which may have different forms of presentation:

a)dialogs themselves, accompanied by the transcript and explanation in plain language of the most difficult expressions;

b) two-word verbs, idioms, slangs (specially updated ones);

c) and film videos with subtitles in English with vocabulary notes explained to the listener /readers.

I'm quite sure these strategies will prove mighty useful to those who are eager to give "the last step" to really master English.

Hoping to be of some help to your students (including myself, why not?).

Sincerely yours,

Francsico da Cunha e Silva Filho

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