Are these Words Synonyms?

by Kevin
(Hong Kong)

Is there any difference in between using the following different words to describe the an action?

to build / create / foster / cultivate / inculcate / promote a supportive culture environment in an organization?
Hi Kevin,

All of the words that you mention share similar meanings, but they do create different impressions or shades of meaning.

Let's look at each one individually.

To Build

means to construct by assembling or joining pieces of material together. It makes you think that there was nothing before and now you are building it.

To Create

means something that wasn't there now exists because of your effort. You created something new.

To foster

means that you promote the growth and development of something. It has a "caring" feel to it; nurturing and safe.

To cultivate

means to prepare and promote growth of a crop. This is usually used in relation to crops and plants but it can be used in other situations as well. It has an agricultural influence.

To inculcate

means to implant through repetition. This sounds like brainwashing (making people believe something through repeated exposure.)

To promote

means to help or encourage something.

Which Words Work the Best?

I believe that all of these words work very well in this specific sentence.

Although, I would not use inculcate.

It gives a slightly negative impression, because it sounds like brainwashing or making people believe something just by repeatedly exposing them to an idea or situation.

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- Diana :)

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