I need to know what the difference between

1* I have been working
2* I have worked

I am looking forward to hearing your answer.

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Mar 24, 2013
present perfect and present perfect conditional.
by: khemlal pahari

So far as I've read in my books, I 've learnt that present perfect denotes that one has / hasn't got an experience of doing something. And the work might have been completed at the time of speaking or just before some time. But present perfect continuous tense is used to denote that the work had been started in the past and it hasn't been over at the time of speaking. Normally, the actions like: teach, learn, stay,wait, dwell, build, construct etc that take long duration are expressed in present perfect tense.

Aug 13, 2011
Ola's answer
by: Ola Zur


"I have been working" means I started to work some time ago and continued to work up until now. It is in the present perfect progressive tense.

Example sentence: I have been working for three hours.

Or in other words: I started to work three hours ago and worked up until now.

"I have worked" means I already completed working. It is in the present perfect tense.

Example sentence: I have worked in the zoo.

Or in other words: At some time in the past I worked in the zoo, so now I have some experience of working with animals.

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