Being a Housewife is Boring

by Joyce

Being a Housewife is Boring

Being a Housewife is Boring

I quit my job two years ago because in order to take care of my daughter. At that time she had started her primary school.
In Shenzhen, a city of in China, most government funded primary schools only offer breakfast, but not offer lunch. I didn't want to send her to day care or hire a maid nanny to take care of her. So I quit my job.

Being a housewife is so boring. I get up at 6:40 every day. I drop her off at school at 8:00am. It's a 15 minutes walk from home our house to school. Then I go to the gym for about 40 minutes morning work out. I have my breakfast outside because my husband usually skips breakfast.

After breakfast, I go to the market to get food. I make lunch for the family. I pick up my daughter from school at 12:00 noon. After lunch, I drop my daughter off again in at school. I do the dishes when I come back get home, and do a little clean-up or tidying-up.

I pick up my daughter again at 4:10 in the afternoon. I help her with her homework for about 1.5 hours. After that, I make supper. My husband does the dishes. He only helps me a little with the housework. Then, I play with my daughter for a while, read her a bedtime story and I go to bed at about 10:30.

Every day I do the same things. It makes me feel bored but I love my daughter. I love my family too, and I am willing to be a housewife when the family needs me to be.

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Comments for Being a Housewife is Boring

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Oct 23, 2014
Life is unpredictable
by: Anonymous

Hi,I am a mother of a 22yr old boy. In my 23 yrs of married life I was a housewife, and hardly thought of doing any job as may be I was enjoying to be a wife and then a mother,but life when suddenly takes a harsh change then one feels totally confused and helpless.

Two yrs back I have lost my husband and now I want to do something but do not know what is stored for me at the age of 51.

Although my son has started working I need to be the same parent as he saw in his father with whom he felt secured financially and emotionally. I want to start some small business as I feel maybe a job will be too stressful at this age but can you suggest something. Thankyou.

Aug 04, 2014
Not boring to be a home maker
by: Asha

well I am a home maker . I start my day by 8:00 AM as soon as my husband goes to office and ends when I am sleepy at 12:00 at night.

I whole a I do a bundle of things where there is a chaos for me. I just dont get enough time to sleep.

soon after my morning prayers I start my day at 9:30., I learn caligraphy on youtube, then I spend 1 hour on handwriting analysis., follwed by I have taken up a couple of online courses., on which I have to spend nearly 4 hours working on my assignments and then I also listen to some self help classes on you tube followed by Bhagavad gita. then I spend atleast 1 hour on reading any book for my practice to read english fast and thats it., the day ends. How ever I have to waste about 2-3 hours on cooking .

so u just need a way to keep yourself busy.
I am enjoying being a home maker. '
thanks to my husband for giving this time for me to be with myself .

Nov 14, 2012
Housewife vs Career Woman?
by: Joy

Please don't get me wrong when I say that not everyone is made to be a housewife. There are many ladies who love taking care of their home and children but some want more than this. Is it wrong to want more? To want some share of what are so-called man's responsibilities?

Ladies, this does not mean a full-time job. It means some financial clout and independence and also utilising the education we've taken such trouble in getting.

Cooking, cleaning, nurturing is very important but we are not just wives and mothers. We are more without meaning it in a selfish or guilt provoking way.

A housewife's job is taxing and not really appreciated but a career woman plus housewife has the worst lot of the deal as she must be too perfect to be true.

For the women out there who want to come out in the world but are confined by their apron strings new avenues have opened through the internet that facilitate working at home.

I salute the diligence of a housewife for I may never meet up to the ideals posed by most but at the same time I advocate the right of a woman to be identified beyond the family backdrop. This may not seem right, proper, traditional, ethical to the masses but that long silence can only be broken by a few.

If you get the time please read:(A Doll's House - Henrik Ibsen; That Long Silence - Shashi Deshpande; A Room of One's Own - Virginia Woolf).

Thank you so much for your thought provoking comment Joy. -Diana

Oct 24, 2012
Being a housewife is good but being independent is far better...
by: Anonymous

Hi I got married recently and immediately after marriage my husband said that I should not work.

I feel so frustrated and if I say this we both would end up fighting. He says if I go to work I would get attracted to someone else and there would be problems in the family. I feel like I am controlled.

Why cannot women have their career after marriage?
We do not have kids now so why cant I pursue my career till I get my kids?

Please suggest me how to get rid of this frustration?

Aug 31, 2012
Hello all
by: Anonymous

Yah I got same situation ,I been married for 16 years,I'm a house wife with 4 kids,I'm bored being a housewife wake up @ 5.00 am to cook breakfast for my husband and kids ,drop off my 3 years old son at school every day @ 8.30 am i come i do house work and pick him up @ 3.30 Pm ,i go home and cook for dinner,my husband usually comes home very late from work,so we don't have chance to eat together with family because he comes home late,when he comes home his strees and grumpy , I don't feel love any more so I ask him I need to have my own acct. card ATM because I always with the kids I need just in case for emergency,but until now he never open an acct for me ,so i decide to open my acct. behind his back I'm very upset I felt he never trust me after 16 years of marriage ,some times Im thinking to end my relation with,now I try to go out with friends to Zumba just to keep my self happy,very difficult to be house wife specially you don't have a job and money specially love,please give me an advice !

I am so sorry to hear that! You sound very sad and isolated. It must be very hard to do all that you do at home for you children and not feel any support or love from your husband.

Getting out with friends is a great idea but you should also talk to your husband about how you feel. Maybe you can spend some more time together and reconnect. As for the bank account I am not sure what I would do. I hope that someone else will be able to post some advice for you.

All the best, Diana

Jan 18, 2012
Being a house wife
by: Anonymous

Hi All,

I am a housewife for the same reason too. I have to address another problem which is I talk over the phone (a lot) to my mom n sis. I have to find something else otherwise this is going to cost me a lot and its sheer waste.

My kid is studying KG and comes back home in the afternoon. Cooking,Cleaning,Washing,Kid my life revolves around it.

I dont know when the monotony is going to break.

Apr 04, 2011
house wife being bored
by: Anonymous

I'm in the same situation (kind of), but some comments made me relise I will take advise and see what happens to me.

Jun 15, 2010
Im bored
by: Crystal

Hello everyone...

I just want to ask what to do in my situation.

I married 1 year plus and everyday is the same: to wake up 7:30 in the morning just to make breakfast for my hubby and I dont have a baby yet.

8:00am he will go his work after he go I go back to sleep. I wake up 12:00 Noon and cook a bit for myself and open my laptop do some surfing until i feel want to stop.

7:00pm I start cooking and 9-10pm my hubby comes back from his work. I'm so bored. I'm far from my family because we have different culture and Im tired of going out because I live on the 4th floor and dont have an bored...What should I do?

Jan 09, 2010
Try This!
by: Anonymous

I completely understand you. You should get an extra hobbie that you enjoy just for you . Try to make time for you or you will go insane. Of course your daughter needs you and you will be there for her but have a little extra something for you. I did the housewife thing but couldn't take it anymore so now I have an online course that I can do in between cleaning and cooking. Just try to change the routine if you can . It will make you happier and your family happier as well.

May 03, 2009
What it means to be a housewife
by: Patricia

Joyce, I read your story and I think you don't know how your job is important. There are a lot of prejudice against woman who are "just" housewifes, but many times people do not know how special it is to take care of a child and a home.

You love your daughter and you must understand that she needs you very much. When she becomes older, if you wish, you can find a job, but I am sure you'll miss the time when she was little.

The children are the future and those who take care of them are special!

Mar 26, 2009
I want to be a housewife
by: Rita

I'm married with an 8-year-old son. I work in a bank. I'm busy every day. I can't take good care of my son. Sometimes I don't even have time to talk to him. He's often angry with me about this. He's very bolshie (??) now.

I realy want to quit my job. But our finances doesn't wont let me do it. I am planning to be a housewife in five years later.

Mar 25, 2009
Thanks for your advice, Jambulingam
by: Joyce

Hi Jambulingam,

Nice to know meet you. Thanks for your advice. It's very helpful. I like the title of a housewife you gave,[House Manager]. I think it's time for me to do a bit make some changes to perfect my life. I will try to do as you said.

I also want to tell you that I like indian food Jabadi and indian tea. They are tasty. I worked for an indian trading company here for 18 months. At that time my indian coworkers made me Jabadi and indian tea often. I realy miss them now.

Mar 24, 2009
House Manager
by: Jambulingam India

I read your routine work as a housewife. You are not just a housewife, but the manager of your house. Without you, everything would come to a stand still. You may cover more distance from your kitchen to the drawing room answering a number of visitors, may be the electric meter reader or washermen. You are an important person in the household.

You are able to write. Write something everyday: Maybe about the boy next door, kicking his ball in your compound, or about the vegetable shopkeeper telling you about his daughter's marriage. You could even write about the experiences you face when you go to take your daughter. Your interaction with your child's class teacher.

If you can maintain a diary and write everyday after a week if you read it back it will be a rewarding experience. If you can write to the local newspaper editor about something, let it be the bad roads in your locality or appreciating an article you found in the newspaper or weekly. If you are free and write about your comments on a TV program you will be very happy. I told my sister when she made the same remark, you are living in computer world and you are no longer a mere housewife, but you are the manager of your house. Whatever little time you get free you use it for your own hobby or your creative work.

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