Can live in English Everyday, That my wish.

by Peach

Hello Diana;

I come across your site from Robby,englishharmony.I see your learning material is something useful. So,I want to have one in bookshelf such as "5 Simple Steps to Better Writing", "It's English Time!".

Firstly, My problem is I want to have some trail version first before make a payment. So,I can see some chapter to make myself not hesitate to buy full version.

Second,I have a good idea of learning material I dream about,it's something like robotic asstistant speaker. If you can't imagin that,look at SIRI,IOS application,did. But,not similar to SIRI. SIRI is not natural. I want something robotic asstistant sound like real human. If you make one,I will buy one. I surely its can help me,a shyness person,at first.

Truly, I'm want to talk with English native speaker but I have no idea why I can't. I'll fully aware if I can get out of that shyness field.

Thank you,Diana.
You created this site usful for me and the other.

Dear Peach,

Thank you for writing me your wish. It is a great wish (to live in English everyday). I must also say that your writing is very good. You should be very proud of your ability to communicate when writing in English.

As for having a trial version of my courses they are already available.

For "5 Simple Steps to Better Writing" I made a video that shows you exactly what is in the book.

You can watch that video here.

As for "It's English Time" I also provided the first chapter for free on

I hope you enjoy both courses and do let me know what you think of them if you do decide to get them. I really value feedback.

As for creating a robot that sounds like a human that is a great idea. I will put it on my brainstorming list and try to come up with an idea of how to make it happen.

All the best,

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